02 February 2015

India Meteor 31JAN2015

India Meteor 2000 Local Time 31JAN2015
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India Meteor 2000 Local Time 31JAN2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
01FEB2015 Gourav Swarnkar Pune, India 20:00:00 3 seconds N-SW Bright white Moon NO Bright white light for approx 3 secs and vanished

01FEB2015 Dhiraj Panvel, India 20.00 PM 10sec India Trailing Green Brighter than moon No I dont have photo but1 my dad captured just 0.5 spec clip of that Meteor in his cell. We can only see a spot in video clip.

01FEB2015 Shivakumar Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 2000 hrs 2 secs From N-W Left to S-W - I was facing west - Horizontal movement at about 50 degrees from horizon Bright White trail with reddish head - no sound heard Thick (width was broader than average shooting star) white streak - much brighter than venus Reddish Orange fragments seen falling apart from head portion towards the end of sighting This was the brightest and thickest streak of a shooting star that I have ever seen. Very bright and lengthly. I therefore Googled to find out any reporting of the same incident and landed up on this page - therefore reporting the same.

01FEB2015 Chinar Khartadkar Pune,Maharashtra,India 19hrs57mins/(UTC+05:30) 5-6 sec Start N-W,Stop S-E ,Right to Left,I was facing West Bright Yellow Same as the sun No, But i could see the core pretty clearly I have seen meteors before but only for 1-2 secs ,this one was Big,closer to the Earth and visibly slower ,with a long yellow tail .I didnt have the time to get a picture,But it was one of the most awesome sightings I have witnessed.

01FEB2015 Nilwan Bernard Nagothane, Maharashtra, India 19:55:00 20 sec North to South Orange Venus yes.small fragments falling from the tail 1st February 2015. 7:55 pm at Reliance plant nagothane near CES workshop...while walking we saw a bright orange colour round light with a long tail ( sparkling) on sky moving at a very high speed from north to south and all at a sudden it disappeared...

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