03 February 2015

Alberta, Canada Meteor 02FEB2015

Alberta, Canada Meteor Approx. 2240 02FEB2015

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
02FEB2014 Matt Chaisson Bezanson, Alberta, Canada 23:00:00 5 seconds S-N Extremely bright fireball, looked yellow and red, saw with the naked eye as I was driving west on highway 43. Had a tail. similar to the moon it looked like it had a debris field behind it, it looked like it hit the atmosphere very close to my location. the sky is clear, no cloud cover. able to see constellations, -19°c, dark sky but very clear.

02FEB2014 Wendy Rurka Vermilon, Alberta, Canda 22:40:00 20 seconds Falling towards the north bright green ball of light, not sure about the sound, but a dog did bark in the neighborhood as this ball was falling Brighter then the full moon none I never seen such a huge ball of green light like this before. If I had held my pinky nail up to it, it would be about that size falling.

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