24 September 2014

WV CT PA DE NJ NY RI Meteor 23SEP2014

WV CT PA DE NJ NY RI Meteor Approx. 2050 EDT 23SEP2014
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WV CT PA DE NJ NY RI Meteor Approx. 2050 EDT 23SEP2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23SEP2014 Tony Maiuri Morgantown, WV 20:45:00 3 seconds SW/SE Orange/silent Bright NO None

23SEP2014 Barbara Rockwell Clinton CT USA 20:35 EST 2-3 sec S to N Silent. Yellow ball of fire with tail Bright like fire. Same brightness as full moon Yes Low in the western sky. Larger than any meteor I have ever seen. It winked out while still in the sky.

23SEP2014 Paula Kovacs WARMINSTER, PA USA 20:55:00 8 sec approx se to nw yellow and orange very bright - less than the sun no I never saw anything like it

23SEP2014 Aaron Moore Christiana, Delaware, USA 20:48 hours Eastern Standard Time 2 seconds I was facing north, the object appeared in the sky slightly to my left and fell away from me moving NNW A greenish/blue hue in appearance, no sound from where I was standing Roughly the same as the moon Not that I could see. Appeared suddenly and disappeared rather quickly, lasting only 2, maybe 3 seconds at the most.

23SEP2014 Lauren Rodriguez Enlgewood Cliffs, NJ 20:50:00 4 seconds E-W I was facing the west. No sound. Bright fire-y with a tail. Moved very fast. Bent downward in a curve. Big bright lfire light! Mo No

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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