12 September 2014

Meteorite Discovered in Photograph of Nicaragua Crater

Nicaragua needs to start a PRESERVE THE CRATER CAMPAIGN before it is too late!!! Get the word out FAST!  A chance that this could be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Meteorite Discovered  in Photograph of Nicaragua Crater
text by Dirk Ross...Tokyo // photo manipulation and graphic by Carlos Bella...Brasil
published 12SEP2014 1323JST  edited 2225JST 12SEP2014
  I was searching for the past several hours for high resolution images of the recent, "Nicaragua Crater" "meteor" event 07SEP2014,  Nicaraguan crater and archiving them.
  Once they were all archived I started searching them for evidence of the source of the crater.  I was looking for metal shrapnel stuck in the trees. I have been of the opinion and have previously posted that the crater was created by a munition.
  While searching one image I found what appears to be a stony meteorite type called an Ordinary Chondrite.  The rock in question has geometry, rounded edges and a black surface which are consistent with that of a meteorite.  If it is an Ordinary Chondrite it may NOT have enough Fe/Ni metal in it to be found with a metal detector which explains why the Nicaraguan military have not yet found anything with their machines.
  One thing that is likely, the rock in question seems to be missing in all of the of the other photographs that I have examined.  I estimate that the rock/meteorite weighs 800g-1kg.  The main mass is over 500 pounds and likely up to 1 ton and remains buried below the ground.
  Upon finding this information I asked for help from Carlos Bella of Brasil to help enhance the image and to also take a look and see if I was seeing something that was not there.  Bella agrees with caution that the rock in question is not inconsistent with being a meteorite, noting the rounded edges and black surface with one small broken? area that shows the interior as being a white or light colored material. Nicaragua HAS a NEW METEORITE in their crater!?

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Meteorite Discovered  in Photograph of Nicaragua Crater
c2014 Dirk Ross, Carlos Bella // Nicaraguan Military

Meanwhile back in Nicaragua......
---- Related topic, but NOT the same rock----
This is NOT a meteorite in the video! I do not need any laboratory results to make this determination!  Sorry. -LunarMeteoriteHunter, Tokyo

Nicaragua: This is the meteorite that hit Managua
Posted to YouTube by RuptlyTV 203 views
Published on Sep 11, 2014 --Video ID: 20140912-005

Witness Report-
07SEP2014 Dario Ruiz Managua, Nicaragua 23:30:00 seconds NSW Loud Boom none none Managua News


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Bob V said...

This is very disconcerting to see soldiers with metal-detectors. The last thing we want is for a soldier to find a meteorite. We need someone non-military to corroborate a fresh meteorite find from this crater. Someone who does not have a vested interest in covering-up an accidental bomb drop/explosion. Someone who hasn't been tasked to clean-up and discard all of the shrapnel from this "crater".

Dr Marco Langbroek said...

This object is much too small to have caused the crater. And if it is a fragment only of a much larger impacting body that fragmented upon impact, it wouldn't be all covered in fusion crust.
As I look at the picture, it could well be a natural rock. The resolution is simply not adequate enough to say it is definitely a meteorite.

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

Marco, The object identified DID NOT cause the crater.... I never said that. IF it is a meteorite which I think that is may be is followed the main body, the crater maker, to the ground and fell AFTER the crater was already formed. Thank you for your comments! The resolution is certainly not the best but adequate to defend my observations. IF you want a good belly laugh see the RT video on the meteorite that the "experts" found at the crater!

Dr Marco Langbroek said...

Dirk, that really is very unlikely. This small a fragment would have undergone much more deceleration in the atmosphere to the point of losing cosmic velocity, and would not have landed together with a much larger fragment retaining cosmic velocity for that reason. They would come down a large distance apart.

I still think the crater is a bomb crater.

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

.....anyways science is looking at the facts and moving towards finding the truth.....
which is a part of my whole posting of the story.... too many people take what they read and never do their own homework... ...so i planned a part of this post as a lesson.... Please study the facts of the case. I made a valid observation of a rock being there that appears NOT to fit..... the rest is speculation NOT science .... nevertheless, HOW many took the time to study the photos in detail??? This is also part of the point that I am wanting to make. BTW I speculated that it was an OC chondrite which is NOT the same as saying that it is an OC chondrite...Dirk Ross

Barrett said...

Boys, boys boys- Play nicely now--
It's a rock...SOMEONE keeps telling me that..
Meteorites are rocks too aren't they?