25 September 2014

Finland / Sweden Early Morning Bolide Meteor w/ Booms 25SEP2014

Finland / Sweden Early Morning Bolide Meteor w/ Booms 25SEP2014
- VERY Likely Meteorites Produced!!!
UPDATES PENDING!  There may be multiple videos.

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This morning, 25SEP2014, at local time 06:15 ( UT 03:15 ) there was a bright fireball, around Oulu, Finland with sonic booms.  This was also witnessed in Sweden.

The huge bright fireball flew to the northern sky - long tail and bang
Flying in the sky a bright fireball was plenty of sightings in northern Finland on Thursday morning at 6 am after.Fire balls are unusually bright shooting stars, which may be related to a meteorite falling. ... *more*-

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