22 August 2014

Ontario / New York Fireball Meteor 21AUG2014

Ontario / New York Fireball Meteor Approx. 2200 21AUG2014
Long Duration - Multiple Fragmentations!- VIDEO!
Likely Meteorites on the Ground! -- 24 Reports!
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Ontario / New York Fireball Meteor Approx. 2200 21AUG2014
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Meteor over Toronto's Don Valley Parkway - 21 Aug 2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
21AUG2014 Alex Slawson Toronto,Ontario,Canada 22:05:00 12 seconds Facing east. Traveling N-E Started green with a long red tail. Faded to red. Bright as a plane. Long red tail, green body No picture unfortunately

21AUG2014 Susan Westport, Ontario, Canada 2010 approx 10 seconds SSE heading E right to left, facing south started blue green, broke apart into 3 pieces, changed to yellow same as moon yes, broke into 3 parts low in the sky

21AUG2014 Hazel Maxted Nr. Warkworth, Ontario, Canada 22.02pm 5 secs. W-E RED,WHITE sun not that I could see football sized red outside, white bright inside.

21AUG2014 Gary Kingston Ontario Canada 22:00 EST 25 seconds N-S 2:00 to 11:00 overhead 2 stages appeared to flare or break up directly overhead Almost like fireworks Couldn,t tell but there was a change in shape Reminded of me when I saw a booster rocket burn up but didn't last as long

21AUG2014 Paavo Siitam East of COBOURG, ONTARIO, CANADA ~20:50, PM at least 10 sec from when noticed S-W to N-E from Right to Left bright white with a bit of pale green, to yellowish flames with bits of smaller flaming bits trailing off very bright; not as bight as sun, but bighter than moon yes Should have been visible by north shore of Lake Ontario east of Cobourg, maybe to as far away as Trenton Air Force Base, Trenton, Ontario, Canada

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