04 August 2014

ONT PA OH Meteor 03AUG3014

ONT, Canada /  PA OH Meteor Approx 2130 Eastern 03AUG3014
FEMA Region III.
4 reports!
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ONT PA OH Meteor Approx 2130 Eastern 03AUG3014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
03AUG2014 Larry Elyria, Ohio, USA approx. 21:30 EST 1 to 2 seconds only saw stop, slightly south of due east brilliant white centersome reddish glow around edges brilliant white hot center, venus on a real clear night no it came from a high trajectory in the sky

03AUG2014 Russell fredericktown Pennsylvania USA 21:30:00 3-5sec from about south heading north , i was facing north when it apeared in the sky traveling away from me green/blue no sound really bright, full moon maybe illuminated the sky no fragmentation but had some tail behind it brightest meteor/ shooting star i have ever seen. very low in the sky. very vivid color green/ bluegreen. never seen any with that color.

03AUG2014 Jason London Ontario, Canada. 21:30:00 1 second Left of the moon at about 45 degrees downward from space in our atmosphere. White light, silent same as sun not visable. A bright streak of light in a very straight path going at a speed that I have never imagined or have whitnessed before.

03AUG2014 K Chin Hamilton Ontario Canada 2130 EDST 1sec Facing South, trail to south west green, long tail brighter than Venus no spectacular, never seen one like this before

All 4 meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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