25 August 2014

GA NC AL SC TN Meteor 23AUG2014

GA NC AL SC TN Meteor Approx. 2320 EDT 23AUG2014
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GA NC AL SC TN Meteor Approx. 2320 EDT 23AUG2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23AUG2014 Noel hiawassee, Georgia, U.S.A 23:40:00 5 seconds left to right light blue sun no no

23AUG2014 Mira Gerard ASHEVILLE,NC 11:24pm EST 3 W-E, left to Right, traveling west Green at end with small trail Moon Yes Fast and close, diagonal, green and bright at the end with some gold-white fragments 

23AUG2014 Gerald and Gail Davis Marshall, NC USA 23:22 EDT 2 sec E;W green moon yes sparkling
23AUG2014 David Oxford, GA 2321 EST 1-2 sec straight down @ 310 deg NW white more than full moon 1 frag so bright it cast shadows

23AUG2014 Jessica Donalsonville, GA USA 23:15pm ? 5 to 10 secs Facing north, traveled east to west Green ball very bright with red fiery tail Very bright! Possibly on the tail? It was very bright a fast! Never seen anything like it before, wish I had time for a picture

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