26 February 2014

Wisconsin Meteor 25FEB2014

Wisconsin Meteor Approx. 0212 CST  25FEB2014

Report your meteor sightings please-
Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures; spread the word about this website via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, GLP, SOTT and your favorite forums; contact your local news outlets; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
25FEB2014 Mark Wausau, Wisconsin, USA 0215 CST about 5 seconds wnw-ese facing south green and blue with a white corona and long yellow tail M-16 yes The fireball travelled from my zenith when I first saw it all the way to the horizon

25FEB2014 John Rice Abbortsford, WI, USA 0212 CST 1.5 sec W-E, Right to Left, East Bluish center and yellow in color on the outer edge, no sound Bright as the full moon There were parts trailing the main coma Was traveling in a vehicle at the time of the event.

25FEB2014 Brian Milwaukee, Wisconsin 0210AM CST Appox. 4 secs Facing North/Travling from South to North white round/heard nothing hazy and dim as a low flash light no I was at 5650 N. 90th St. Milw., WI/From the ground it was hazy white 1/2 inch round

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