24 February 2014

NY VT NH QUE ONT Fireball Meteor 23FEB2014

NY VT NH QUE ONT Fireball Meteor approx. 20:50 EST 23FEB2014
NY VT NH QUE ONT Fireball Meteor approx. 20:50 EST 23FEB2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23FEB2014 kt pankow castile, new york, usa 21:13 ESTpm 2 sec dropped straight down. facing northeast white, blue with trail, no sound bright like moon no my son also saw it. we saw it through our window

23FEB2014 michael rukavina burlington, ontario, canada 21:00:00 1 second Travelling straight down; was facing NW sky White light. No sound. Just bright light travelling straight to ground likely several miles to NW. Like a firework dropping to earth. Did not see it break apart. It is quite cold otherwise (aside from no sound) would have assumed this was a firework dropping. However, dropped quickly.

23FEB2014 Danielle H Hudson, NY 2100 Approximately 5 seconds I was traveling North and it looked to have been moving from up downwards Light/bright blue with a white flashing border Very bright, it was a cloudy night so there was nothing to compare to. None noticable It appeared to have one large flash before I lost track of it

23FEB2014 Leia St. Johnsbury, VT USA 20:50:00 1-3 secs nnw Green ball with a red tail sme as the moon not sure no


23FEB2014 Brad j st. catharines, ontario, canada 20:44:00 5 seconds North East Green sun burning then burnt out No photo happened to quick. It was a green ball flying to earth, then burnt out and disappeared 

23FEB2014 Maxime Montreal, Canada (hwy 30 near exit 62) 2044 /EST 3-4 sec I was driving westward green moon fragmented, parts falling off no

23FEB2014 Daniel Royer Waterloo,Quebec,Canada 20:43 EST 2 or 3 seconds From East to West. Traveled through the lower part of the constelation Taurus. Started green to a flash of orange then gone Perhaps as bright as Venus No frag.that i could see. Was standing near the living room window...flash caught my eye.. saw the meteor approximately 2 seconds. One of the "greenest 
"meteor i've seen in quite some time.

23FEB2014 Tom Berriman Lyndonville, Vermont 20:40:00 6 seconds E-W yellow/Green moderate no bright and seemly falling towards the west

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