28 February 2014

Breaking News - VA NC PA OH MD Fireball Meteor Widely Seen 27FEB2014

Breaking News - VA NC PA OH MD Fireball Meteor Widely Seen 27FEB2014
-- Another repeated night of activity in FEMA Regions III and IV!
VA NC PA OH MD Fireball Meteor 27FEB2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
27FEB2014 David Stakston Holmen,Wisconsin,USA 2352 CT PM 1-2 sec E-W Looking out west facing window Bright streak which extinguished just above the horizon The trail left by the meteorite was very bright no When it appeared in my window facing west it left a bright streak until the meteorite burned up above the horizon.

27FEB2014 Shannon Jones powhatan, va, usa 19:30 est max 3sec it fell straight down white very big/close like high beams on a car no it was shaped like a cone or triangle with the point down.
27FEB2014 Richard Brandon Remington Virginia 0720 est onr minute east to west blue with red fire same as sun no no

27FEB2014 T Griffith Claremont, NC, USA 7:20:00 5-10 sec N-E, Left to right Long Tail orangish in color, bright center same as sun looked like sparkles on each side that disipated Appeared to be right above tree line before disappearing. I was in awe, then realized how close it was coming toward the ground. It just kept going, before finally burning out.

27FEB2014 J Powell Cale Charles, VA, USA 7:18 pm / EST 3 seconds Low on horizon / East to West over Chesapeake Bay Green / No Sound Brightness of the moon No fragmentation / Short tail Made me slam on my truck brakes. Looked close!

27FEB2014 Samuel Perks Caroline County, VA, USA Approximately 7:15 EST Around 3 seconds. E-W Bright blue with slight orange at back of tail. Brighter than a star. No visible fragmentation. Started to dim but got brighter before fading completely.

27FEB2014 Alice Reich Oley, Pa. USA 19:15:00 5-8 secs NE to NW green bright green no appeared high in sky then disappeared before reaching horizon

27FEB2014 Rebecca ROUGEMONT, NC, USA 1912/EST,PM 2-3 sec NNE GREEN Muted it looked like it burned almost out and then picked up and burned again. Perhaps two parts? probably 3rd largest I ever saw and it seemed to be falling down, not across the sky.

27FEB2014 WV Man Oak Hill, West Virginia, USA 19:10:00 3 seconds Facing East, small fireball seen traveling N-Sish appeared to be falling at an 80 degree angle. I was in my car, but it was a white and green fire ball smaller than the moon yes Please let me know if any further information is received.

27FEB2014 Amy Umberger Locust Grove, VA 1910 PM EST 10 seconds E-W bright white with lots of sparks as bright as the moon sparks in the back It was a BIG, bright fireball with lots of sparks. Very impressive!

27FEB2014 Joshua Wargo Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA 19:08 EASTERN TIME PM 3-5 seconds East to west I was facing west at first i saw a bright white flash and then i saw a White with a long orange firey tail changed to bluish green, didnt hear sound i was driving and listening to music.. Much brighter then the moon not that i could tell When i was younger i was able to see the leonids meteor shower and i am very aware of what meteorites look like, i am 100% positive on what i seen and all my answers are to my fullest knowledge. thannk you for taking the time

27FEB2014 Steve Richmond,va 1908 eastern daylight savings 3 to 5 sec Facing southwest it appeared to. Down toward earth Green with tail Very bright in a clear sky Yes, it appeared to fragment then disappear Very visible in clear winter sky.

27FEB2014 Lori Holson Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A 1904/EST,PM 4 seconds E-W I was facing west bright white/ no sounds heard brighter than Venus long tail moved quick

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