15 February 2014

UK / Belgium Fireball Meteor/s 15FEB2014

UK /  Belgium Fireball Meteor/s approx. 18'00 -18'50 15FEB2014
UK /  Belgium Fireball Meteor/s approx. 18'00 -18'50 15FEB2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
15FEB2014 Marc Berkshire,England 18.3 3secs N-s Bright white/trailing flames Very bright No Amazing sight !

15FEB2014 Owen Egham, Surrey, UK 18:38:00 3 seconds Facing SW meteor moving nortwards Bright purplely colour Similar to the moon Not that I could see None

15FEB2014 Richard & Lorna Sargent Chichester, West Sx England 18:25:00 5 North to South Brilliant white to Orange 10 x moon Yes at end Have seen plenty of meteor showers, but never a single bright meteorite like this hence deicded to report. Line of trajectory heading towards France/Spain

15FEB2014 K CLAYDEN ROSS ON WYE, HEREFORDSHIRE,UK 18:40:00 4-6 SECS HEADING EASTERLY BRIGHT GREEN WITH WHITE/PALE ORANGE TAIL VENUS No Seemed brighter and closer than a shooting star. Just guessing it could have been a meteorite

15FEB2014 Robert Adams Farnham, Surrey Uk 18:45 pm 3 secs South moving south Bright green and red Very vivid No long tail moving fast Very bright fireball, large and dropping south

15FEB2014 Bob Paine Cublington, Bucks, England 1830 2 seconds before going behind trees. From North to South. I was looking South. Main meteor was bright white. 'Offshoot' meteor was green. Very bright white. One main meteor with one 'offshoot'. Was sat in my lounge when the brightness took my attention. Was very low and appeared to be 'landing' between Cublington and Aston Abbotts.

15FEB2014 Tim woolcott London, uk 18:25gmt 5/7/2014 N-S Green Brighter than mars No No

15FEB2014 C. MADSEN Dorset, UK 1831 GMT 3 seconds We were in vehicle driving from west to east on coast road, object richt above us dropping out of sky straight down Whitish green Moon No None

15FEB2014 Michael Shropshire 18.3 20 seconds East straight down Bright white with bluefish tail Moon In the tail Not seen any thing like it before

15FEB2014 Daniel Bagan-Jones Epping, Essex, England UK 1830 GMT PM approx 4 sec Direction South-East (we were facing south) Green much brighter than venus! (not as much as the moon though) none observed it pulsed somewhat as it fell

15FEB2014 chris Gothard Tonbridge, UK 6:45:00 5 seconds United Kingdom falling South south west.just above the horizon. seemed to be close expected to hear a bang but it was silent. I was facing South very bright orange/ yellow streak of bright light . no sound. seemed to break up brighter than a falling firework yes there were other witnesses

15FEB2014 Dean Caldicot,South Wales UK 1830 10 secs southwards i was travelling easteards neon blue/white moon yes bits broke off turned orange bits then disapeared

15FEB2014 ankou Fareham HAMPSHIRE ENGLAND 1825 GMT approx 4 secs right side of ORION white flash of light like lightening looked up to see ball of orange glow burned bright then faded / burnt out initial white flash very bright like lightening brighter than full moon and the orange ball was very bright like a flare spluttered when burning out it traveled about 15 degrees from Taurus shooting at Orion's belt

15FEB2014 sue leek lincolnshire, England 18.28 3 seconds NW to SE, right to left, We were facing South bluey red, then changed to a red/orange, no sound heard sun no it was extremely large compared to the stars and was alot closurer to earth

15FEB2014 Karen Townend Coulsdon, Surrey, England 18.50pm 3sec Right to Left Green/turquoise Moon No - had a tail Stunning

15FEB2014 Sandra huckerby Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England 0.3 3 seconds N-S Blue with white tail brighter than moon none saw through window, appeared very low.

15FEB2014 lorenzo dejonghe kortemark belgium 18u31 gmt+1 5s N-S fireball with tail like fireworks coming down firework orange no no


15FEB2014 Sue Gregory Goring by sea, West Sussex, United Kingdom 18.31 GMT pm Approx 4 to 6 seconds I was facing West. Appeared about 50 degrees above horizon travelling north to south before buildings obscured view. Very bright yellowy white ball, large orange flaming tail and left a small vapour trail. Was below the cloud cover as it illuminated the clouds above, did not hear anything as travelling in my car with music on. Smaller version of the sun. I did not see any change at all, nothing falling off. Asked other people in the area if they saw anything, nobody else seemed to see it and said I imagined it, but I know what I saw and it was a magnificent sight. Pity we can't replay what we see like a video film.

15FEB2014 Brian Webberley Bildeston Suffolk UK 1830PM 7 secs West Appeared vertically straight down Bright white with tail ending with bright red fireburst Venus No clear sky

15FEB2014 Keeley Sedlescombe , Battle, East Sussex, England 18.30 London Approx 2 secs before lost view 247• S-W falling down Saw what looked like a star shape falling with a tail ,blue /green tail and maybe even colour to the star like reds Brighter then the moon dimmer then the sun No None

15FEB2014 Mr GORDON EDEN GRANTHAM, UK 1800Z Less than 1 second SOUTH I was travelling South on the A1 when I saw this large fireball falling out of the sky in front of me. It had an enormous head (those I have seen before have only been thin streaks and quite high up in the sky). This one was fairly close to the ground. It only lasted for a second or so. I did not hear anything as I was in my car at the time. It appeared about 2/3rds the size of the moon. Of course, distance to the object would be a factor in its apparent size and I am not suggesting that it was anywhere near the size of the moon. Yes some fiery objects at the tail end I was driving, unable to stop and made report when I arrived home about 30-40 minutes later.

All 22 Meteor Sighting Reports-

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