25 February 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25FEB2014

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: NY VT QUE ONT Fireball Meteor23FEB2014
Initial Meteor Sighting Reports- 23FEB2014 kt pankow castile, new york, usa 21:13 ESTpm 2 sec dropped straight down. facing northeast white, blue ...

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Biggest observed meteorite impact hits Moon
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Fireball Reports "click here" ... Posted by Lunar Meteorite * Hunter at 2:19 am Labels: Moon meteor impact 11 September ...

Fireball seen across region Sunday night
WPTZ The Champlain Valley
Several witnesses across Vermont, northern New York and southern Quebec took to the American Meteor Society's website to report the incident.

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: The Latest WorldwideMeteor/Meteorite News 24FEB2014
Initial Meteor Sighting Reports- 22FEB2014 erick a copiague ny united states 10:13:00 it was in the sky and in my sight for about 20 seconds then i .

Did you see a bright meteor over the U.S. East on February 24? | Human World | EarthSky
Astronomers call a very bright meteor a "fireball." It is a piece of space debris that enters Earth's atmosphere and burns up due to friction with the air.

Biggest meteor ever recorded hits Moon (VIDEO) — RT News - RT.com
RT - Daily news ⋅ RT
An Earth-based observatory has published video footage of a 400 kg meteor ramming into the moon at a speed of 61,000 kilometers per hour.

Moon Blast: Boulder-Sized Meteor Creates 131 Foot-Wide Crater Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a ...
A space rock impacted the surface of the moon on September 11, 2013 with explosive force of 15 tons of tnt. It was estimated to be between 1.9 and 4 ...

Chelyabinsk 'Was A Pretty Nasty Event' And Is Spurring Asteroid Action
Universe Today
Looking at the power of the Chelyabinsk meteor (which struck a year ago and is visible starting around 1:15 in the video above) is still terrifying all ...

Meteorite hits moon in largest lunar impact ever recorded - video | Science | theguardian.com
The 400kg (63st) meteorite, travelling at 61,000 km/h (40,000 mph), punches a fresh crater on the moon's surface around 40 metres wide in what is ...

Video shows asteroid smashing into moon | News.com.au
Video has only just been released of a half-tonne meteorite slamming into the moon. Courtesy Madiedo, Ortiz, Morales, Cabrera-Cano, (Instituto de ...

Martian "Blueberries" Really Pieces of Meteorites?
National Geographic
In the journal Planetary and Space Science, however, planetary scientists at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu suggest that a meteorite model better ...

Another meteorite hit Oslo home
Views and News from Norway
Just as Norwegians were gearing up for their smashing performance in the Winter Olympics, anothermeteorite was found to have smashed into a ...

400-kg meteor hits the moon - CNews - Canoe
A meteor the size of a small car crashed into the moon in September in what scientists are calling the biggest lunar impact ever recorded. And the ...

Record-Breaking Meteorite Crash on Moon Sparks Brightest Lunar Explosion Ever
SPACE.com via Yahoo! News - 7 hours
The high-speed impact of a wayward space rock on the surface of the moon last year triggered the brightest lunar explosion ever seen, ...

Meteorite smashes into moon, sparking largest lunar flash ever recorded
CTV Winnipeg - 1 hour
The moment when a large meteorite smashed into the moon was captured on camera in what scientists are calling that largest lunar impact every ...

Meteorite crash creates brightest flash on moon ever recorded
CBC.ca - 53 minutes
Telescopes in southern Spain have recorded the flash of a meteorite that hit the Earth's moon with a force equivalent to 15 tonnes of TNT.

Brightest lunar explosion ever
Fox News - 6 hours
The impact of a large meteorite on the lunar surface on Sept. 11, 2013, resulted in a bright flash, observed by scientists at the MIDAS ...

400-kg meteor hits the moon
Toronto Sun
QMI_F2_large_24_02_2014T162035 A satellite image of the flash created when a record-breaking 400-kg meteor crashed into the moon on Sept.

Confirmed: Earth's oldest rock in Australia
Stuart Gary
Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) -24 February 2014
Ancient zircon crystals discovered in Western Australia have been positively
dated to 4.374 billion years, confirming their place as the oldest rock
ever found on Earth, according to a new study. ...

Ay'a şimdiye kadarki en büyük meteor çarptı - Biggest observed meteorite impact' hits - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 00:44
2014 In the biggest lunar impact ever recorded, the fridge-sized rock weighing 400kg struck the moon before turning to vapour. The rare episode was seen by J...

Large fireball spotted across the northeast on Sunday evening
Around 9 p.m. on Sunday evening, sporadic reports started coming in to social media and local government agencies of a fireball with a possible ...

Brazil Weird News: BRAZIL. Fireball over São Sebastião
Brazil Weird News ⋅ Lygia Cabus
Fireball over São Sebastião, Brasil, Feb 12, 2014 -- Fire in the Sky -- Sott.net: ... allsky cameras of afireball meteor on February 12 2014. Postado por ...

Meteor fireball blazes across Catalonia's sky, 22 February 2014 -- Fire in the Sky -- Sott.net
Translated by SOTT.net. A meteor weighing between one and two kilograms (approx. 2-4 pounds) caught fire as it entered the atmosphere and was ...

Biggest Observed Meteorite Impact' Hits Moon - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 02:58
Biggest Observed Meteorite Impact' Hits Moon..24 FEBRUARY 2014 Scientists say they have observed a record-breaking impact on the Moon.

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