22 February 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 22FEB2014

Meteor Expolsion Over North Arkansas Around 11:00 p.m. on 02-20-14
ATS posted by derek_m24
I live around 50 miles from where I work and while driving home I saw a bright green fire ball. I've seen a few in my life but this one was seemed to come straight down into the atmosphere. It was traveling extremely fast ...

Fireball in Puerto Rico caught on camera -- Fire in the Sky -- Sott.net
Signs of the Times
The fireball was seen from several towns in Puerto Rico and even from the Dominican Republic. Google+ FB Share. The Sociedad de Astronomía del ...

Brasil BRAMON Allsky Camera Network Captures First Fireball Meteor 12FEB2014
Sao Paulo Brasil, BRAMON Allsky Camera Network Captures First Fireball Meteor Brasil's second allsky network, BRAMON, has been established in ...

Fireball Explodes Above Argentina: Quake Feared
Earthweek - A Diary of the Planet
A meteor exploding over northern Argentina caused such a loud noise and strong shaking that many residents feared they had been hit by an ...

'Jelly Doughnut' Mars Rock Not Caused by Meteorite, Pictures Show
NBC NEWS - 17 hours
New photos of the Martian landscape further rule out a meteorite impact as the culprit behind the "jelly doughnut" rock that mysteriously ...

Tunguska meteorite came from Mars?
Pravda - 15 hours
The origin of the famous Tunguska meteorite is still fiercely debated. If, however, we suggest that this was a meteorite and not a spaceship, ...

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