17 February 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17FEB2014

A 270m asteroid is to swing past Earth almost exactly a year after a meteor burst over Russia
Herald Sun
JUST days after the anniversary of the Chelyabinsk meteor that injured 1,000 when the spectacular fireball burst over Russia, a massive asteroid is set ...

Chelyabinsk one year later
A circular hole in the ice where a meteor struck the lake near Chelyabinsk. (AP). WASHINGTON -- One year ago today I was preparing to go on Fox 5 ...

Asteroids, comets threaten humanity: protection system is much-needed
Space Daily
The meteorite, which exploded in the sky above Russia's Chelyabinsk on February 15, 2013, has confirmed the need to create a protection system ...

United Nations Takes Aim at Asteroid Threat to Earth
By Leonard David,- space.com - 12 February 2014
As the anniversary of last year's surprise Russian meteor explosion nears,
a United Nations action team is taking steps to thwart dangerous space
rocks, including setting up a warning network and a planning advisory
group that would coordinate a counterpunch to cosmic threats. ...

Responding to Potential Asteroid Redirect Mission Targets
A 112.2 gram (3.96 oz) Chelyabinsk meteorite specimen, one of many found within days of the airburst, this one between the villages of Deputatsky ...

Eight-kilogram piece of Chelyabinsk meteorite becomes hit in Olympic Sochi
Voice of Russia- 15 Feburary 2014
An eight kilogram shard of the celestial body was set out in the Sochi's
House of Russian Fans on Saturday, commemorating the first year after
his fall. ...

Meteorite Gift Too Spacey for Olympics, Says IOC
The Moscow Times
SOCHI — The International Olympic Committee has shot down plans to give Saturday's medal-winning athletes at the Sochi Games a piece of a ...

Sochi Games 2104: Olympic champions won't get their meteoritemedal after all - CBS News
Sochi Games organizers shut down Russian plan to give space rock medallions to gold medal champs on anniversary of meteorite crash.

Russia wants to hand out meteorites to Olympians | Watch the video - Yahoo TV
yahoo.com ⋅ 02:31
Meteorite medals are being reserved for Olympians who win gold on the anniversary of the meteor strike over Russia last year. But now the ...

Known Meteor Impact Sites Earth - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 07:45
This is an interesting web site, showing known meteor strikes to Earth, proven and unproven. Also, this area at tip of South America looks like a huge ...

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