25 February 2014

B.C. Canada Fireball Meteor 24FEB2014

B.C. Canada Fireball Meteor Approx. Approx 22:10 PST 24FEB2014
B.C. Canada Fireball Meteor 24FEB2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
24FEB2014 Shawna kamloops, bc, Canada 22:15:00 5-10seconds E-W green, neon green brighter than the moon no I and fiancé, perfectly round sphere looked like I was covered I am green cloak white tail, very large fell directly to group of disappoi big

24FEB2014 Lance Bremner PEACHLAND, BC CANADA Approx 22:10 / 10:10PM PST 4 Seconds EAST to WEST WHITE Bright MOON / Did not light up my surroundings Glow / No Streak Appeared a little smaller than if a dime on my windshield

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