03 November 2013

VA MD CT NY Meteor 02NOV2013

VA MD CT NY Meteor approx 2230 Eastern 02NOV2013
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VA MD CT NY Meteor approx 2230 Eastern 02NOV2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
02NOV2013 Patrick Norwich, CT, USA 22:31/est,pm 0.5 E;W facing W Green Venus NO I was on Route 2 heading to Colchester,CT It was on the same bearing

2NOV2013 Mike Miken Greenbelt MD ;Rt 295 North bound, North of South of Laurel MD 2230 / 10:30PM Eastern time zone, Daylight Savings 5 sec Traveling North, the fireball traveled left to right - West to East No sounds (I turned off the radio, and leaned out the window), indicating it some distance away Like a bright flare/ aircraft on fire. None seen. I was driving North on rt 295, and saw a bright streak; it was traveling at a very steep angle 60 degrees - more than what an aircraft on fire would, and very fast; like what an ICBM would travel. But ICBMs don't burn so brightly. It's brightness flared between 2- 3 o'clock, and then it disappeared. Angle was much steeper than the russian meteor. After that meteor I got a car cam (made in China). Unfortunately it had managed to turn itself off. I noticed that contemporaneously many aircraft slowly flying around; if this had an aircraft it would have been destroyed. Wonder if that had every happened before (like off NYC a couple of years ago?).

02NOV2013 Mark Torre Centreville maryland 21617 22:30:00 5-7awconds Looks staigjt down I was looking NE Bright Blue with smoke Bright Blue with smoke No but there was smoke May have falling SW- Ne I was looking NE and it looked as it was falling straight down 

02NOV2013 Thomas Walsh Dale City, Virginia ; Highway 95 North, 10:29 PM Eastern Time 3 seconds North to South, Facing at it Red/Orange flare moving downward, faded to black Bright as the moon at first No one big piece Never seen something coming down at the earth so big and fast

02NOV2013 Sandy Gainsville, Virginia ;near aproximately 22:25 EST it caught our eye and seemed to last about 5 to 7 seconds South West to North East we were traveling north on Highway 29 just south of Gainsville, VA and it was to our left at about 40 degrees from the horizon? in a closed car so no sound was observed, but the color was a deep blue and green mixed as bright and as big as Venus if not a bit bigger seemed fairly clean, I did not see any fragments Because Dulles International Airport is also to the North, a few planes were circling at about the same height, so at first we thot it was a plane and then wondered if a plane had just "fallen" from the sky, then realized what it was that we saw...beautiful, incredible, luminescence

All Meteor Sighting Reports Can Be Seen HERE-http://thelatestworldwidemeteorreports.blogspot.com/

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