06 November 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06NOV2013

If you are looking for information about the 06NOV2013 California Meteor-

Cameras capturing more than just meteor fireballs - ABC News ...
A project to capture evidence of meteor fireballs across remote Australia has made some significant astronomical discoveries.

Meteor shower peaks Nov. 17
Enid News & Eagle
Nov. 10: First quarter. Nov. 17: Full moon (Hunter's Moon, Frosty Moon, Beaver Moon). Nov. 25: Last quarter. --- Nov. 17 is the peak of the Leonid meteor shower.

November's night skies full of must-see events
Night sky photographer Mike Hankey of Freeland, Md., captured this dazzling Leonid meteor on Nov. 17, 2012, during the peak of the annual Leonid meteor ...

Scientists find large Antarctica meteorite | News.com.au
AN international team of scientists at Belgium's Antarctica research station has found the largest meteorite in nearly 25 years, helping them ...

Earth & Space Open House – Nov 22 
November’s Meteorite of the Month is Buzzard Coulee, an ordinary chondrite (H4) that fell November 20th, 2008, in rural Saskatchewan, Canada.

Minor Taurid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: How to See It
For the next week or so, if you happen to catch a glimpse of a bright yellow-orange or ruddy hued "shooting star," you might have just seen a Tauridmeteor.

Montreal Fireball: Spectacular Flash Explained - Yahoo News
From Yahoo News: A massive fireball roared through a section of Montreal last Friday (Nov. 1), sparking worldwide interest after a dramatic amateur video of the ... NOT A METEOR but cool anyways!

Astronomers Establish the Strength of High-Inclination Asteroids
Subaru Telescope Press Release- November 04, 2013
A team of astronomers from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
and the University of Hyogo used the Subaru Prime Focus Camera (Suprime-Cam)
mounted on the Subaru Telescope to observe faint asteroids with highly
inclined orbits ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 05NOV2013
6, 7 PM - The Meteor That Exploded Over Russia Last Year ... SETI Institute The ChelyabinskMeteor: Can We Survive a Bigger Impact? in the Smithwick Theater ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04NOV2013
3 COMETS THREATEN EARTH WITH UNPRECEDENTED METEOR SHOWER. Posted on YouTube by nemesis maturity 10,211 views 2013 THE Year of .

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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