16 November 2013

MN WI Meteor/s 15NOV2013

MN WI Meteor/s apprx. 17:15 CDT 15NOV2013
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MN WI Meteor/s apprx. 17:15 CDT 15NOV2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
15NOV2013 Woody Minnetonka, MN, USA 1723 CST 25 sec Across entire sky, from east to west, I was heading west Bright blue/white Moon No Looked like a Good sized shooting star.

15NOV2013 Rebecca Pechek Gilbert, MN, USA 17:15/CDT ~1-1.5 seconds SW-W (Left to Right) Was facing SW Green. No sound Very bright--the sky was not fully dark yet and no stars were visible. As bright or brighter than the moon at sunset. None observed. From my point of view, the path was very nearly vertical, falling from slightly right-of-center to below the horizon on my right.

15NOV2013 Alica R. St. Paul, MN USA 1710 CST 4 seconds E-W Green Less than the moon, more than venus No Almost looked like a green laser pointer but more iridescent and went behind a cloud.

MBIQ Dataset-
Madison, Wisconsin arrived from search.yahoo.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for green blue shooting star november 15 2013.
10:29:30 -- 26 minutes ago

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