25 November 2013

Ontario, Canada Meteor/s 24NOV2013

Ontario, Canada Meteor/s Apprx. 1945 EST 24NOV2013

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Meteor Sighting Reports-
24NOV2013 Alana Ottawa, ON Approx. 7:45 and 7:55/EST/PM Approx. 5 sec E Yellow Venus As it fell towards the ground, it appeared to break apart and trail off in different directions before completely disappearing. My friend and I both saw two fireballs falling towards the ground in the Eastern direction, directly outside of Ottawa, ON at approximately 7:45 and 7:50 PM. Both lasted a few seconds and fragmented quickly, however they were both falling in the same direction, heading directly towards the ground. My friend commented that they almost appeared like bombs dropping out of the sky.

24NOV2013 Robert Gater Ottawa, Ontario , Canada 19:44 and 19:47 Eastern standard 1 sec per First sighting, vehicle travelling north, meteor travelling south/west. Second sighting, vehicle travelling north, meteor travelling north Both sightings - bright green "shooting star" Brightness 1-10 would be a 6 Unknown N/A

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