29 November 2013

Ontario, Canada Meteor 28NOV2013

Ontario, Canada Meteor approx 0635 am EST 28NOV2013

Report your meteor sightings please-

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
28NOV2013 Kim Toronto, Ontario, 6:55:00 2 seconds S-N bright white venus none that I could see none

28NOV2013 Carl Brown Orleans, Ontario, Canada 06h35 2-3 seconds I was facing south, bright object moved from west to east Bright object, yellow/white Very bright, like sun but small object No fragments observed Was looking due south

28NOV2013 Pat Wheele Carleton Place, ON, Canada 0633 EST 2 secs S-SE White streak, with fizzle Just brighter than the moon Fragmentation at end of streak Cool!

28NOV2013 Jo Ferns Ottawa, Ontario; West of roughly 6:30 am Eastern 3 seconds In the east sky falling right to left. I was facing South east. I saw a big ball of fire brighter than moon that was directly ahead of me It burned out and disappeared with black pieces falling down I was driving East bound on hwy 417 just west of McGee side road overpass. It was relatively low, much lower than a small plane would be. The moon was directly in front of me. The sun was rising. It lasted about 3 seconds, it looked like a rather large fire ball and burned out completely turning black with pieces falling from it. Not sure if any other drivers saw it but there were quite a few cars in the area.

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