25 May 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24MAY2012

Tswaing Crater: The star that fell from space
Times LIVE
To some, this meteor crater north of Pretoria is a holy place. To Janine Stephen, it's a great day trip EXTREME heat can do odd things to the horizon, but this is no mirage. Stumble over the sultry lip of the Tswaing Meteorite Crater and there, ...

What the Lotus Valley meteorite can tell us
The Aggie
A fallen meteorite in Coloma, Calif. could tell us about the origins of our solar system, according to a talk given by UC Davis associate professor of geology Qing-Zhu Yin last Sunday. “If confirmed, what we have in hand is perhaps the most primitive ...

Organic Carbon From Mars, But Not Biological
Space Ref (press release)
While these molecules have previously been found in meteorites from Mars, scientists have disagreed about how this organic carbon was formed and whether or not it came from Mars. A new paper led by Carnegie's Andrew Steele provides strong evidence that ...

Meteorite-dropping fireball named after Sutter's Mill | Astro Bob
The meteorites that peeled off the California fireball last month peppering the towns of Coloma and Lotus are named Sutter's Mill after the famous locale where ...

2012: A year of rare astronomical events
People's Daily Online
In August, a Perseus meteor shower will fly across the sky at a flow rate of about 100 meteors per hour. In September and December, Uranus and Jupiter will be "opposite" the sun in turn. In 2012, the most expected astronomical event of the "transit of ...

Moon's 'Dark Side' Of Moon Visible Due To Earthshine TONIGHT
Huffington Post
It's very rare for a meteor to kick up enough light when hitting the moon's surface to be visible from Earth, but it has happened, and has been confirmed by photographs from different locations, usually during the Leonid meteor shower.

Astronaut Snaps Stunning Meteor Pictures from Space Yahoo News
From Yahoo! News: The Lyrid meteor shower of April put on an eye-catching sky show as seen from Earth, but the view from space was truly spectacular.

Astronaut Snaps Stunning Meteor Pictures from Space
The Lyrid meteor shower of April put on an eye-catching sky show as seen from Earth, but the view from space was truly spectacular. Don Pettit, a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station, pointed his camera downward during the peak of the ...

Pieces Of Tahoe Meteor Found In Small Town Parking Lot
Robert Ward, an amateur meteor hunter and collector from Arizona, was apparently the first to come across the fragments of rare material known as "CM" — carbonaceous chondrite — believed to be millions of years old. Ward, who drove straight from ...

Meteorites Discovered Along Huge Fireball's Path in Calif.
Two small meteorites found in California are most likely from the minivan-size asteroid that exploded in a dazzling, and rare, daytime fireball over the Golden State and parts of Nevada on Sunday (April 22), according to press reports.

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