06 May 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 6MAY2012

Meteorite or mere rock? Commerce or science? Coloma hunt continues
Auburn Journal
By Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer AUBURN CA - With meteorites for the taking in Coloma, Auburn's John Salfen thinks he just may have one of them. But it's more than a treasure hunt that led him to Coloma and the discovery in recent days of two ...

Scientists enlist airship in hunt for meteorites
Sacramento Bee
That first day, they found a 17-gram chunk of meteor formed in a gracefully curved boomerang shape. Dubbed "SM12," it is only about 5 centimeters long, slightly shiny with an odd bumpy texture, and nearly as black as deep space.

Coloma Businesses Flooded With Meteorite Hunters
CBS Local
COLOMA (CBS13) – Not only are the meteorite hunters the talk of the town but they're also causing a boom in business for locals who have to hire extra staff to accommodate the crowd. “We get people who are river rafting to people who are visiting the ...

Meteorite hunters strike pay dirt
Pioneer Press
Since a fireball shot across the sky and exploded April 22, scattering a rare type of meteorite over California's Gold Country, these hills have drawn a new rush of treasure seekers. Once again there are lively saloons, fortune hunters jockeying for ...

Supermoon, Meteor Shower & Solar Eclipse ...
A "supermoon" full moon and meteor shower kick off May's skywatching treats, but there's ...

Scientists use airship to look for meteorites
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Researchers from NASA and the SETI Institute are using the slow moving airship in hope of spotting sites where large fragments landed after a meteor exploded in the atmosphere over the Sierra Nevada in late April. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli) NASA ...

California Meteor Found Packed With Alien Organics | Disinformation
Via the Daily Galaxy: A sonic boom heard in California last week had an out-of- this world origin as ”a large meteoric event” according to NASA's.

Search Expanding For Meteorite Fragments - YouTube
3 min
Crews have expanded their search in an effort to find more meteoritefragments.

New California gold rush as treasure hunters search for meteor fragments
The survey took them over the area where James W. Marshall first discovered gold in California in 1848. Once they pinpoint possible impact sites, they plan to follow up with a search party. New California gold rush as treasure hunters search for meteor ...

Rare Meteorite Found in Lotus, Sutter's Mill ...
4 min
This is the moment when the second largest meteorite from the Lotus/Coloma strewn field was ...

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