24 May 2012

IL IA WI MI Meteor 23MAY2012

IL IA WI MI Meteor ~9:40 pm CDT 23MAY2012
IL IA WI MI Meteor ~9:40 pm CDT 23MAY2012
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Initial Reports:

23MAY2012 Jonathan Kimmel Iowa City, IA, USA 9:40pm CST 1.5 seconds Facing east, it was traveling due east Bright neon green.  Silent. at least as bright as a very bright meteor, but larger, and strikingly Green none very bold green color, swift, silent, eastbound

23MAY2012 william beith campton hills IL 2140 CST 8-12 sec. Long enough to tell my wife (next to me) get her attention, point and her to find it Traveled from overhead to west white then changed to orange with bits dropping off increased to moon bright Parts falling off rear Distinct objects falling off as color changed from white to orange

23MAY2012 Shauna Eldridge, IA, USA 2140 5 sec E - N R-L Bright orange, yellow, very bright Venus couldn't really tell - looked like 3 tails at one point Awesome!

23MAY2012 Jack Lockport, IL USA 21:50:00 4 seconds north west - right to left very bright fire ball bright white like moon unknown don't have one

23MAY2012 audrey earlville, iowa, usa 21:30:00 8seconds east white head, bright greenish yellow tail, like a picture of a cartoon haleys comet street light streak not that i could see was not like a notmal shooting star, had great range and long timing, was like in slow motion, had a tail like i have never seen before, like a small rocket ship would make similar to.that of a jet in the sky, seemed lower than usual, more bold, and lower arch to.it than usual, in the souh sky form highway 20,heading east

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