14 April 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 14APR2012

Bantam Lake UFO story prompts a push for state officials
Foothills Media Group
And the only rational explanation put forward so far speculates that the object was a meteorite that fell as part of meteor showers documented by the National Weather Service. According to a report posted by The Associated Press, authorities said they ...

Basketball-size meteor lights up northern sky
CHICAGO • Dan Joyce was headed west with a buddy and a big telescope, hoping to take advantage of the "beautiful night" when a slash of brilliant green shot across the evening horizon. "This thing just split the sky," said Joyce, an astronomer at ...

Star-crossed encounter with the night sky
Highland Park News
Turns out the green streak of light I saw was a shooting star, a meteor crossing the night sky. And, according to the witnesses who also saw it, it was a real humdinger. Brightest one he ever saw, some night sky stalker told the press.

B-N residents spot likely meteor Wednesday night
(Photo By NASA/Getty Images) BLOOMINGTON – A few Central Illinois residents were among dozens of amateur astronomers that reported seeing a large meteor over Illinois skies Wednesday night. According to reports on the website ...

Smoking Gun Research Agency in Connecticut Is Tracking Bantam Lake "UFO" Story ...
Litchfield County Times
"Although we are based in Orange, our field work covers all of Connecticut, and though we presently agree with the opinion that it was likely a meteor, it is never-the-less interesting and worth investigating," the message said.

Wethersfield, Connecticut's Meteorite Magnet
Hartford Courant Fri, 13 Apr 2012 09:25 AM PDT
Few residents these days remember the time when space invaders landed in Wethersfield.

Hundreds report seeing bright fireball in the sky
Elgin Courier News
Skywatchers across the Chicago area reported seeing a streaking fireball in Wednesday night's sky so intense that some thought they had witnessed a fiery plane crash on the city's southeast side. Reports of the fireball began coming in about 8:25 pm, ...

Meteor spotted in 4 states | MNN - Mother Nature Network
People witnessed the meteor in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.

NASA: Meteor was size of basketball doing about 36000 mph
What isn't so common is when a fireball drops meteorites, Cooke said. That on average happens about once in a person's lifetime, and the last time a meteorite fell in the Chicago area was March 2003, when fragments fell in Park Forest.

Green flash of a meteor slices Midwestern skies
Columbus Dispatch
He was on Rt. 30 near DeKalb, Ill., when the meteor streaked ahead of him about 8:15 pm CDT. “Oh, my God, this thing lit up the sky real good,” Joyce said. “It went below Venus. I think it was six times brighter. It was an intense green.

Video: Did you see 'amazing' meteor on Wednesday night?
Green Bay Press Gazette
A camera on the roof of the Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences Building at the University of Wisconsin in Madison captured this video of a meteor on Wednesday night. The camera faces west. Watch the left side of the screen.

Meteor over Madison caught on camera
One belongs to the All Sky Camera Network in Mineral Point and the other to the UW-Madison SSEC/AOS. A NASA scientist says the meteor was about the size of a basketball when it hit the atmosphere and it was traveling between 10 and 15 miles per second.

Meteor Startles Astronomers
French Tribune
It has been unveiled by a new report that Dan Joyce, an astronomer at Triton College, along with a buddy has seen a green coloured meteor across the evening horizon, while watching the beautiful night on Wednesday. According to the report's say, ...

Anybody see this meteor last night?
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Dozens of stargazers in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan reported seeing a meteor about 8:20 pm One witness said the fireball was moving faster than a plane and the fire appeared to get brighter as it traveled. The people who spotted the meteor ...

April's meteor shower brings spring constellations 0
Paris Star
The Lyrids meteor shower peaks April 21. The best time to see the shower is after midnight in the east from a dark location. You could see up to 20 meteors per hour. Some are also visible April 16-25. At the same time, spring constellations have also ...

Fireball in broad daylight? April 2 Texas sighting confirmed; Meteor seen in ...
Washington Post (blog)
By Steve Tracton Nighttime fireball observed over the city of Groningen in 2009 ( NASA ) Early last week (April 2), thousands of people in and around San Antonio, Texas reported seeing what one eyewitness described as a piece of the sun falling from ...

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: The Latest Worldwide ...
By Lunar Meteorite * Hunter
And the only rational explanation put forward so far speculates that the object was a meteorite that fell as part of meteor showers documented by the National Weather Service. According to a report posted by The Associated Press, authorities ...

Meteor sightings reported in Iowa and Illinois | WQAD ...
People in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan reported seeing a meteorfireball in the sky ...

Meteor streaks across the Chicago sky, ushers in ...
In a few days — barring cloud cover — the night skies will present one of the more arresting ...

UFO mystery: Latest sighting in Siberia
The object could either be a part of a large meteorite, or satellite wreckage. Speculations that it could be a piece of the failed, recently launched North Korean carrier rocket have been dismissed. Neither could it be a piece of any other aircraft as...