03 April 2012

Texas Daytime Meteor Fireball 02APR2012

Texas Daytime Meteor Fireball 11:50 am CST 02APR2012
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Sighting Reports thus far:
02APR2012 Paul Roy East of Floresville Texas 11:52:00 2secs South Greenish/orange red Like a flare No Wow

02APR2012 Paul jyink Llano texas 11:50:00 2 secs East Red As bright as sun One ball Trajectory was straight down. Clear blue sky

02APR2012 J Catalani Seguin, TX, USA 1150 am CST 15 seconds Came from right to left in the Southern sky red fireball Same as the sun Didn't look like it. It was awesome!

02APR2012 Geo San Antonio, TX United States 11:50 Central 2-3 seconds Facing south, seemed to be falling straight down/south bright white/green/reddish colors same as sun unknown very bright, long tail seemed so close but very small

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