23 April 2012

Breaking News - California / Nevada Daytime Bolide Meteor Fireball 22APR2012

California / Nevada Daytime Bolide Meteor Fireball 22APR2012
A bright fireball occurred over California and Nevadaat approximately 8:00am PDT Sunday morning 22APR2012; may reports have been received of the bright blue/green DAYTIME fireball, louds boom(s) and earth shaking!

If you have a sighting report of this event we would like to hear from you,  Anyone with video, security camera video, photos of the debris trail please make a sighting report, Thank you!

Initial Reports:
4/22/2012 tim bass lake ca. usa 7:52 am, pacific 5 sec east to west in northern sky green firework no slow moving green laser

4/22/2012 Layne Mantha Sparks, Nevada 7:5? or so 5 secs ? South from east to west Bright with color on tail Bright (very) Didnt notice but over Reno south None

4/22/2012 ken hopper red bluff, ca. 7:54 PST 7 or 8 seconds east to west bright white sun no I think it burned up

4/22/2012 chad clovis,ca 8:00am pacific 8 sec from east to west fire red sun bright lit particals looked like fuel burning

22April2012 Carie Talent, OR 8:30 A.M. PST Five to ten seconds Facing south it was headed in a SW direction...then went past my view due to mountains. sun is so bright today that to me it was like a silver flash Hard to say it was a flash of silver and light. No. Did not know if you could see them during the day until just now...

4/22/2012 chad clovis,ca 8:00am pacific 8 sec from east to west fire red sun bright lit particals looked like fuel burning

22/04/2012 David VanScoyoc Dorris, CA, USA 0800 PDT 1 to 2 seconds SSE-S, E-W, LtoR, South Brilliant White large streak with Blue White fireball bright as the sun, but white, blue white don't know - it was just above the southern horizon WOW

4/22/2012 Perla San Carlos, Ca 7:49:00 3-4 seconds east green as it ended like a sparkler, bright at the end, tiny fragments of glitter it first just looked like a jet's trail, then got bigger faster and sparkled, and more ball like

22APR2012 Monique Carnelian Bay, CA USA 7:45:00 2 to 3 seconds start east/stop west white ball with a blue flaming ball.  Heard it hit about 7:50am same as the sun looked like a large ball but nothing falling from it. no photo...darn!!

4/22/2012 Puneet Saroa Valencia, California, USA 0815 pst 1 second Right to left Green Sun No I was driving on interstate northbound and suddenly saw a bright green fire ball coming from the right side and vanished moving quickly towards the left.

22April2011 Chris Sanders Springville, CA, USA 0745 pacific 5 seconds S-N, to my right facing N Fire ball was purplish/red with red tail sun none appeared to be over Sierra Nevadas or perhaps lower foothills
22APR2012 NANETTE LEWIS Pollock PInes, CA, USA 8:00AM PDT 30+ seconds W-E facing W Continuous booming for more than 30 seconds unknown no Very scary

22April2012 Terrie walnut creek, Ca, USA 8:30:00 only saw for a second- behind trees  facing east, moved south to north blueish very bright in daylight could't tell low in the horizon, looked like it was going to hit

4April2011 Todd Stowell Clovis, Ca 730 2 sec E;W Yellow streak, no sound Very Bright Fragmentation, yes No photo
22APR2012 Patti G. Tonopah, Nevada, USA 8:00am pst 5 seconds north bright yellow, white, red sun no bright ball of fire with a tail

22April2012 Steve Mulvenon Sparks, NV USA 0757 Pacific 2-3 seconds Looking South, it travelled E to W White followed by a loud explosion/sonic boom extremely bright no the sighting was followed 4-5 minutes later by a loud sonic boom

22Apr2012 Stella M. Paso Robles,Ca,US 0755 PDT 3 to 4  sec trv N    RTtoLFT  Facing N bright green to gold to white similar to firewords no 15 deg head to tail       elev. 20 to 15 deg    size larger than extended thumb        smaller than tennis ball at arms length             005 to350 deg      (can relate location to street intersection and buildings

22Apr2012 T Hutchings Sonora, CA USA - not seen but felt across many counties 8:00 am Pacific Time Zone 2 Seconds Full Time East or South East Felt a rush of wind then a huge Boom! N/A N/A Felt over many counties, reports to police. Had to have been close when it hit because of the wind rush before the boom.

22April2012 Tracy Phillips Fresno,California USA 8:30 am PST It lasted between 10 to 15 sec. It went East to West and I was facing North When I first saw it, it just suddenly appeared in the sky to the east. It was a bright white ball with a trailing flame. On the outer edges it had some faint blue to it. It was an extremely bright white but the edges around some bluish tint to it. I didnt notice anything coming apart but it had a trail of flame Nothing else but to say I have seen shooting stars and this was not a shooting star.

22apr2012 Carol Bet I-215 & Hwy 138 near Devore, CA 7:50:00 12 n-s bright white tail with fireball on end Very bright, able to clearly see in daytime No This was observed while driving north on Interstate 15. Hit the ground in the hills to the northwest of the freeway,

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