16 April 2012

Texas Fireball Meteor 15APR2012

Texas Fireball Meteor ~23:05 15APR2012
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15APR2012 Kaila Butler-Giamporcaro Sunrise Beach Village, TX 23:05:00 4 seconds S-N, facing W Whitish yellow, like a giant shooting star, could see a breakup of a 'tail' trailing behind it brighter than any star in the sky, less bright than the sun yes like a giant star was falling out of the sky and could have hit the house across the lake from us, but burned out right before it did

15APR2012 david cooper The Grove Texas, between Gatesville Tx & Temple Tx 23:15:00 1/2 Second SW Left to Right Green About like a road flare Just a Greeen Tail My first thought was an aerial flare at Ft Hood, however altitude was too great and movement too fast to be a flare, beautiful! Have never seen a meterorite that color or intensity!

15APR2012 Luke Berthot Belton, TX 2300 Maybe 3-4 seconds I was facing West, it came down at approx 30 degree angle from straight down in the West/Southwest sky, coming from the SW direction toward W. Green/Yellow, very fast moving, looked like it flashed and possibly broke up while still in the air and then I didn't see any more fireball Very bright in the night sky, I would say brighter than the moon but not as bright as the sun. Yes, looked solid for a couple of seconds, then a flash and looked like it broke up. It looked very close to where I was, I was driving West on Highway 190 towards Killeen and it looked like it would have impacted to the South of 190, somewhere between Belton and Killeen.

15APR2012 Steven Austin, TX, USA 23:05:00 5 sec Facing west, meteor drooping sky azimuth toward West Green core with NICE sparking trail bright (green) star yes, many sparking burning pieces on the tail fast moving, intense burn, burn faded 20 degrees above horizon

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