12 April 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12APR2012

NASA Scientist Explains Meteoric Fireball: “…It Does Appear to Be a ...
A daytime fireball that streaked across Texas skies on April 4th is being described by a NASA scientist as a 'contrail'; despite the incredible speed of the object ...

Many reports of meteor shower over Milwaukee area
Newsradio 620
By Michelle Richards MILWAUKEE - There are multiple reports Thursday of a meteor in the sky over southeast Wisconsin. The National Weather Service in Milwaukee says they've gotten phone calls and Facebook posts about a bright meteor that streaked ...

Hundreds report seeing fireball in the sky
Chicago Sun-Times
Reports of the fireball starting coming in about 8:25 pm, according to a meteor and meteorite sighting blog, lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com, with over 100 people from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa reporting the light show.

Mysterious fireball reported over Chicago
A meteor and meteorite sighting blog called Lunar Meteorite Hunters says more than 100 people from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa reported the light show. Descriptions ranged from "a blue-green fireball" to a "yellow fireball with a red center.

Vietnam to see meteor shower
VietNamNet Bridge
VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese people will have a chance to see the Lyrids meteor shower, the most outstanding astronomic phenomenon in the early months of 2012. Mr. Nguyen Duc Phuong, from the Vietnam Astronomy and Space Association, says that the ...

Texas Fireball Video Not a Meteor; It's a Contrail
Discovery News
They are slow moving and may create a dazzling fireball display. Although there have been numerous sightings on April 2 in Texas, this particular example is not a meteor. In fact, it's not from space at all. It's a contrail highlighted by the orange ...

Reports Abound of Meteor in Night Sky
NBC Chicago
Similar reports have poured into enthusiast websites like Lunar Meteorite Hunters and The Latest Worldwide Meteor with sightings reported as far west as Des Moines and as far east as eastern Ohio.

Daytime Fireball In Texas (Video)
Long Island Press
By Jessica Sinclair on April 11th, 2012 For those who aren't meteor savvy, it's spring fireball season, though scientists don't know why exactly there are more meteors in the spring season. Folks in Texas were treated to quite the sky show early April ...

Meteor or not?
Chicago Tribune
The National Weather Service office in Romeoville received calls about the meteor streaking across the sky, and while they could confirm that the night sky was exceptionally cool, clear and free of particulate matter, they staff could not attest to an ...

Stargazers Spot Meteor Streaking Across Chicago Area Skies
CBS Local
CHICAGO (CBS) – Several people in the Chicago area spotted a meteor streaking across the sky Wednesday night. Eyewitness David Braun told WBBM Newsradio he was in west suburban Cary, near US Route 14 and the Metra station when he spotted it.

Texas Fireball was Real After All, NASA Says
A large meteor really did streak across the noon sky in Texas on April 2, bright enough to be visible during the day as it burned up while screaming through Earth's atmosphere. Thousands of people in and around San Antonio reported seeing the great ...

Mystery Fireball in Texas Actually a Jet Contrail, NASA Scientist Says
A bright object that streaked across the daytime sky in Texas was actually a jet contrail, a NASA meteor expert confirms.