05 December 2020

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 05DEC2020

Meteor causes fireball and loud boom over NY, several other states
FOX 4 Dallas
The American Meteor Society received nearly 100 reports about a fireball from Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennslyvania, and Virginia as ...

GOES East Captured Meteor Streaking Over New York State
NESDIS - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Some people closer to the event even heard its associated sonic boom. This disturbance was a meteor that burned up in the sky as it streaked overhead.

Syracuse meteor
... to navigation Jump to search. A meteor exploded over Syracuse, New York on December 2, 2020. No injuries were reported. References[edit].

A meteor exploded over New York this week, and people actually felt the shockwave
A meteor entered the atmosphere over central New York state this week, causing a boom and shaking windows. The object didn't cause any damage, ...

After a million-year journey, a meteor explodes above Syracuse in 2020
Those alien meteorites can be valuable, and a cottage industry of meteorite-seekers hunt for them. Lunsford said the pieces would likely be scattered in ...

50 years ago, scientists caught their first glimpse of amino acids from outer space
Science News
Excerpt from the December 5, 1970 issue of Science News. Murchison meteorite fragment. Fifty years ago, scientists discovered protein building blocks ...

Rochester researchers uncover key clues about the solar system's history
University of Rochester
Some meteorites are pieces of debris from outer space objects such as ... The Allende meteorite is the largest carbonaceous chondrite meteorite found ...

Hayabusa2 to drop capsule to Earth with ancient asteroid samples
Kyodo News Plus
Once the planet cooled, water and organics were delivered to Earth by meteorites similar to Ryugu, thus making the planet habitable. "It really shows ...

Missione spazio, sta per tornare sulla terra la sonda giapponese con frammenti di un asteroide
RTL 102.5
A missione compiuta, un anno fa, il veicolo spaziale ha lasciato il meteorite e si è messo in viaggio verso il nostro pianeta, dove dovrebbe atterrare ...

পৃথিবীর বায়ুমণ্ডলে ঢুকেই ভেঙে পড়ল উল্কা, চরম ...
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Chaotic early solar system collisions resembled 'Asteroids' arcade game — ScienceDaily
Up News Info
One Friday evening in 1992, a meteorite ended a more than 150 ... The meteorites studied in the research originated from asteroids and serve as ...

Meteorite fell to earth for the second time in a week, shook from New York to Toronto
Nosy Media
A similar incident occurred in the US on Wednesday, where a meteorite exploded in southern Ontario. On entering the atmosphere, this rock arose ...

Head's up! Here comes the Geminid meteor shower!
Head's up! Here comes the Geminid meteor shower! · The Geminids are expected to peak on the night of December 13-14. · Shooting stars will start to ...

'Christmas star' will be visible for first time in 800 years this month
NewsRadio 1020 KDKA
The Geminid meteor shower, which will give stargazers the opportunity to see anywhere from 50 to 120 bright shooting stars per hour, will happen ...

The study uncovered key clues about the solar system's history
Tech Explorist
The Allende meteorite is the largest carbonaceous chondrite meteorite found on Earth. It contains minerals—calcium-aluminum inclusions—thought to

Hayabusa2 returns precious asteroid samples to Earth after six-year mission
The Natural History Museum
These meteorites are exciting because they contain large amounts of water and organic molecules and potentially delivered the ingredients for life to ...

THE BRIGHT SPOT: PM makes YouTube's top 2020, meteor flash, diverse Canadian businesses ...
680 News
Out of this world — a meteor flash stretched across the GTA. Physics and astronomy professor at York University, Paul Delaney, said that flash in the sky ...

Northern Taurid as bright as the full Moon
We just set up new cameras in Skibotn, Norway and calibrated them last
night. Today at 14:30 local time this happened:
This was a northern Taurid, as bright as the full moon, visible for 7
seconds. Shallow entry angle and it fully disintegrated 60 km above
ground.--Steinar Midtskogen

WATCH: New footage of meteor seen in the sky on Wednesday
This footage was captured by a dashcam on the QEW near Jordan Rd. and sent to us by viewer Brian McGrath. The American Meteor Society says by 4 ...

Fireball seen during day prompts 911 call 'I thought a plane crashed'
Daily Express
Fireballs occur when a meteor or another space rock hits the atmosphere. Air seeps into the pores of the rock, pushing it apart and causing it to ...

Meteor spotted crashing to earth between Yenda and Beelbangera NSW
The Canberra Times
As he was leaving Griffith airport in NSW's Riverina, pilot Steve Burgess spotted something a little unusual out of the corner of his eye.

Asteroid shines 'ten times brighter than moon' in astounding footage
The Independent
A meteor crashed and burned in Earth's atmosphere over the US and Canada, with astonishing footage by a 24-hour streaming camera. Footage ...

VIDEO: Massive fireball lights up the sky in parts of Canada and the US
The Geminid meteor shower is taking place this month, and promises to be one of the most active meteor showers of the year. Support local journalism ...

People in Michigan See Midday Fireball Across the Sky
The noontime show was likely a disintegrating meteor, according to the Associated Press. Nearly 100 witness reports of a fireball had come in to the ...

Mysterious boom heard Thursday morning, multiple Tallapoosa County residents report
The Alexander City Outlook
... Weather Service had no explanation, hypothesizing via Twitter it was the sonic boom of an aircraft or a meteorite in the Leonid meteor shower.

The Hayabusa 2 spacecraft is about to deliver asteroid rocks to Earth
New Scientist
“Because they're so porous, if rocks like that had entered Earth's atmosphere as a meteor it probably would have burned up and we wouldn't have a ...

Mystery solved! Fireball seen in daylight identified as large meteor
The Denver Channel
Which is slow by meteor standards. It then broke into pieces roughly 22 miles in the air, which produced the bright flash of light and loud sonic boom.

A very old meteor explodes over Syracuse, in December, in a pandemic. Twitter sees a joke
Who wants to come here? But coming to Syracuse, in December, in a pandemic after flying around for a million years? No wonder that meteor blew up.

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