06 June 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06JUN2018

NASA's priorities appear to be out of whack with what the public wants
Ars Technica
A little more than half a day at 2012 DA 14's closest approach a meteor measuring about 20 meters across broke apart in Earth's atmosphere above ...

Treasure hunters seek to make a fortune after meteorites hit China
... a huge fireball streaking across the sky, while reports have described how villagers watched pieces of the meteor tear through the roofs of their rural ...

Epic meteorite lights up night sky over Yunnan, fragments crash into villagers' homes
Video footage shows a fiery meteorite cutting an epic path through the night's sky above the city of Jinghong. The meteor eventually burned up, ...

Massive FLAMING meteor streaks over China skies
Massive FLAMING meteor streaks over China skies.

Meteorites for sale at US$8000 per gram after fireball near China-Myanmar border sparks treasure ...
Yahoo Singapore News
The fireball, or meteor, was seen about 9:40pm, when a ball of flame arched across the sky near Xishuangbanna, an autonomous prefecture in ...

Meteorites Crash into China, Pieces Now Selling for $7800 a Gram
Citizens of southern China's Yunnan province were startled last week when a fiery meteor lit up their night sky with fragments crashing into the homes ...

WATCH: Incredible Footage of a Falling Meteor in North West Province.
Last week two meteors were seen lighting up the sky in near the North West province. One meteorite fell between Lichtenburg and Mafikeng, and the ...

Surveillance video shows meteor in sky over farm in South Africa
Neighbors reported seeing a meteor, so the Delports checked their security video for proof. Sure enough, there in the middle of the sky is a bright light ...

Why NASA Stayed So Chill As an Asteroid Blew Up In a Fireball Over Africa
For comparison, the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013 and injured 950 people, was 65 feet wide; as a 2017 study on the ...

Watch Video: Asteroid Explodes Above Africa Caught On Camera
Dailyaddaa (press release)
New Delhi: The NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey, located near Tucson, Arizona discovered on Saturday morning June 2, a boulder-size asteroid ...

Security camera catches small meteor over South Africa
NBC2 News
Neighbors reported seeing a meteor, so the Delports checked their security video for proof. Sure enough there in the middle of the sky is the bright ...

Meteor spotted over South Africa
Eyewitness News – A meteor was caught on a surveillance camera in the Kalahari Desert on Saturday.

WQOW TV News 18
South Africa (CNN)- Surveillance video in south Africa captured a unique sight in the night sky Saturday. Melissa Delport says her husband was ...

Did you feel it? Massive boom heard in Ozarks and northern Arkansas
Springfield News-Leader
It may have been a meteor exploding high in the atmosphere. At least that's a working theory at the National Weather Service in Springfield, which ...

Incredibly bright fireball lights up night sky in South Africa
Incredibly bright fireball lights up night sky in South Africa. An asteroid was caught on this surveillance camera lighting up the sky as it crashed down to ...

What's the minimum to start meteor detecting?
Stargazers Lounge
4 minutes ago, Merlin said: Some years ago, I made a similar binoviewer, which I still have, using a 50/50 mirror beam splitter and three first surface ...

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