05 June 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 05JUN2018

NASA- South African Small Asteroid

AMS Ghanzi, Botswana Meteorite Fall KMZ here:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ 04x31z949834bbm/Botswana-2018- LA.kmz/file

Six foot wide asteroid discovered, then it strikes Africa
Malaysia Sun (blog)
On Tuesday, scientists revealed that the meteor that lit up the sky over Botswana, Africa, early on Saturday evening, was named 2018 LA. When it was ...

An Asteroid was Discovered Just Hours Before it Exploded over Africa
Universe Today
On Saturday, June 2nd, skywatchers in Botswana reported an extremely bright fireball in the sky. A 2-meter-sized spacerock smashed into the ...

Asteroid lights up night sky as it breaks up over Earth
NBC2 News
Neighbors reported seeing a meteor, so the Delports checked out their security video for proof. Sure enough, there in the middle of the sky, a bright ...

Asteroid Filmed Exploding Above Africa Hours After NASA Spotted It Charging Towards Earth
India Times
A meteor lit up the sky over Botswana, Africa just hours after US space agency NASA detected it. According to NASA, the asteroid was determined to ...

Meteor spotted over South Africa
A meteor lit up the night sky over the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. A surveillance camera captured the unique sight on Saturday. Melissa Delport ...

WATCH: CCTV captures moment crashing meteorite lights up the night sky
The farmer said he was driving home from his neighbours when he saw the “huge fireball” in the sky. “The advantage I had was I saw it in colour and it ...

Eyewitness accounts of fireball continue to trickle in
According to EarthSky, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) , the meteor disintegrated at a height of 50 km over South Africa on Saturday.

WATCH: Tiny, Earth-bound asteroid disintegrates over Africa
India Today
... second at about 6:44 pm local Botswana time and disintegrated several miles above the surface, creating a bright fireball that lit up the evening sky.

Meteorites for sale at US$8000 after fireball near China-Myanmar border sparks treasure hunt
South China Morning Post
The fireball, or meteor, was seen at around 9:40pm on Friday, when a ball of flame arched across the sky near Xishuangbanna, an autonomous ...

Meteorite hunting business emerges as it clashes in Yunnan Province
CGTN (press release)
Since the landing location has been disclosed, numerous locals and various out-of-towners, approximately 70-80 people including meteor enthusiasts ...

Villagers worship meteorite after it crashes down to Earth
The meteor, known as a bolide or superbolide depending on its brightness, was seen by residents in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in ...

The Geminid Meteor Shower as observed by the CILBO Double Station Network
Title: The Geminid Meteor Shower as observed by the CILBO Double Station Network. Authors: Zender, J. J.; Rudawska, R.; Koschny, D.

Spatial distribution of errors associated with multistatic meteor radar
Earth, Planets and Space - SpringerOpen
Spatial distribution of errors associated with multistatic meteor radar. W. K. Hocking

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