16 June 2018

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16JUN2018

Adler Team Searches For Space Rocks In The Lake
Pieces of that meteor are sitting at the bottom of the lake, and the Adler Planetarium is on a mission to find those fragments in a mission called the ...

'It pierced the clouds': Fireball spotted blazing over Europe (VIDEO, PHOTO)
The celestial ball of light is thought to have been the same phenomenon observed in dozens of reports to the International Meteor Organization (IMO).

Scientists Found New Evidence About Water's Presence On Moon
I4U News
In total, the research team analyzed 13 different meteor samples that were collected from the same region but only one of the sample contained ...

Meteorites recovered in Yunnan, China, following spectacular meteor fireball event
A recent test reveals that the chondrites - stony nonmetallic meteorites - that hit Xishuangbanna, Southwest China's Yunnan province, about two ...

DTIC ADA476971: Theoretical and Observational Studies of Meteor Interactions with the Ionosphere
Internet Archive
An intense flux of small-mass meteors has been seen in large-aperture radar scattering for many years. At high altitudes, these meteoroids routinely ...

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