31 December 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 31DEC2016

Space Shredder: Sun May Be Tearing Asteroids Apart
Wiegert used the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR) to track bodies 1 meter (3.3 feet) wide and smaller. As Phaethon orbits the sun, it appears to ...

45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova will be visible
KPRC Houston
Comet 45p will will kick off a year of better comet viewing than 2016, NASA says. Two meteor showers -- the Geminds and the Ursids -- began this ...

Blazing Comet to Illuminate Sky on New Year's Eve: How to See It
NBC New York
Political mudslinging, a blizzard, and terror in our own back yard. Many events shaped 2016 for people in New York, the Tri-State, and all Americans.

Meteor streaks across volcanic eruption in Costa Rica (VIDEO)
Witnessing a volcanic eruption is a spectacular sight on its own, but one such event in Costa Rica was made even more stunning earlier this week.

Meteor streaks past erupting volcano in astonishing footage from Costa Rica
A large meteor has been caught on camera gliding through the sky above an erupting volcano in this remarkable footage. The fireball is estimated to ...

Northern Alberta residents report large blue flash, explosion in overnight sky
Edmonton Journal
Peace River residents took to social media Friday to report what they had seen in the night sky shortly after midnight. Erika Florence posted on ...

'strange noise', 'large blue flash' Alberta, Canada
Signs of the Times
Did a meteor come crashing through the earth's atmosphere over northern Alberta overnight? Peace River residents took to social media Friday to ...

Meteor captured on video flying over Costa Rica's erupting Turrialba volcano
Eric Sanchez, from the San José Planetarium of the University of Costa Rica, said the event was a meteor fireball disintegrating on impact with the ...

Meteor fireball streaks across Turrialba volcanic eruption in Costa Rica
Signs of the Times
The fireball made its appearance while gliding across the sky at an estimated height of 5,000km (3,106 miles), according to Repretel TV station.

Observatory cameras capture the rare moment a METEOR flies over an erupting volcano in Costa ...
Daily Mail
In the video, the fireball can be seen quickly passing from the left side of the frame and behind the erupting volcano before it disappears from sight.

Rare sight: Meteor streaks over erupting Turrialba volcano
The Watchers
Two forces of nature have combined on December 28, 2016, and brought us a rare view of a bright meteor streaking seemingly low over the erupting ...

How to catch a comet for New Year's Eve
Christian Science Monitor
This weekend also brings the Quadrantid meteor shower, which begins Friday and is likely to continue through Jan. 12, but will peak just before dawn ...

Previewing 2017's Biggest Skywatching Events Using Mobile Astronomy Apps — Part 1
We'll also highlight the best meteor showers of 2017 and the best times to see Venus' phases and its brightest appearance. Don't worry — part two will ...

Quadrantids meteor shower 2017: Watch the first shower of the new year LIVE online
THE Quadrantids meteor shower is the first – and one of the best – celestial displays of the year, and here is how YOU can stream it live online.

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