24 December 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 23/24DEC2016

Get ready for the Ursids! Meteor shower set to peak tonight in a month packed with celestial events
Daily Mail
December has been a busy month for astronomical events include back-to-back meteor showers and a stunning supermoon. And tonight, the annual ...

Ursid Meteor Shower Lighted Up the Night Sky
States Chronicle
STATES CHRONICLE – The Ursid meteor shower reached its peak during the night between December 21 and December 22. The month of ...

meteor showers
Three planets lining up. Two meteor showers. A comet whizzing by on New Year's eve. The heavens seem to give a stellar send off to this year and a.

8 space reasons to look up in 2017
The Conversation AU
Everything from meteor showers and eclipses to epic space missions and more, 2017 will be worth looking up for and forward too.

strange fireball
Vox Charta
We hypothesize the formation of a deconfined thermal fireball which undergoes a sudden hadronization. At production the fireball has a very high ...

Reports Report 5259a (Event 5259-2016)
American Meteor Society
Location. Address, Thunder Bay, Ontario (CA). Latitude, 48° 22' 51.19'' N (48.380886°). Longitude, 89° 14' 52.53'' W (-89.247924°). Elevation, 186.292 ...

Meteor Expert
Majic 102.1
NASA Reveals Origin of Flash Seen Over Houston, SE Texas Skies [Listen]. A lot of people are still talking about the big flash seen over the Houston ...

Did the Star of Bethlehem Exist?
WPSD Local 6
But many continue to speculate, some say it was a meteor. “A meteor is not a good solution, because they are very short lived, they don't last very long ...

A 12 kg meteor experiences an acceleration of 7.2 m/s^2...
Physics Forums
The problem statement, all variables and given/known data. A 12 kg meteor experiences an acceleration of 7.2 m/s2, when falling towards the earth.

Jaquet Droz Grande Séconde Quantième Meteoriteand Grande Heure Minute Quantième ...
Quill & Pad
Jaquet Droz introduces new versions of two classic models with dials made of Muonionalusta meteorite: the Grande Séconde Quantième Meteorite ...

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