11 December 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11DEC2015

Meteor shower over Essex skies next week
ONE of the most dazzling meteor showers will be lighting up Essex skies next week. The Geminid shower will be at its peak overnight on Monday ...

Dazzling meteor showers set to light up the night sky
Yahoo News UK
One of the most dazzling meteor showers of the year will be lighting up the sky next week, weather permitting. The Geminid shooting stars are due to ...

Shooting stars: Geminid meteor shower lights up December sky this weekend
Stargazers are in for a dazzling spectacle this weekend as the Geminid meteor shower gets ready to peak on Sunday night. NASA is predicting up to ...

Geminid meteor shower to offer spectacular shooting star show next week - but only if skies clear
Geminid meteor shower to offer spectacular shooting star show next week - but only if skies clear. 06:50, 11 Dec 2015; Updated 06:50, 11 Dec 2015 ...

Geminids Meteor Shower 2015
Dark Sky Diary - WordPress.com
One of the most active and reliable meteor showers, the Geminids, happens every year in mid-December. This year's display promises to be a good .

Observatory to Host Viewing of Meteor Shower
The Sachtleben Observatory in Hastings will be open to the public this Sunday for a unique viewing of the Geminid Meteor Shower. Dan Glomski is the ...

Geminid Meteor Shower
RTU Astronomy Society
Geminid Meteor Shower. The RTU Astronomy Society will conduct an overnight observation at AGUHO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, SITIO AGUHO, ...

Seeing a spectacular Geminid shower from a lawn chair
Alamogordo Daily News
There are numerous meteor showers that the Earth encounters each year as it ... on the orbits of the individual dust particles within the meteor stream.

How To View Last Meteor Shower Of 2015: Geminids
It seems like the meteor showers will worth trying to catch this weekend. The meteors start to get going around 9 or 10 p.m. this weekend.

The Geminid meteor shower peaks this weekend — here's how to watch
Washington Post
The Geminid meteor shower — arguably the most prolific shooting stars of the year — will peak this Sunday night, Dec. 13, into Monday morning.

Geminid Meteor Showers: Keep An Eye Out On December 13 and 14, 2015 [LIVE STREAM]
Headlines & Global News
The Geminid meteor showers are set to give viewers a dazzling display this coming Sunday and Monday. By Tyler MacDonald | Dec 10, 2015 07:10 ...

What killed the dinosaurs? Dark matter, says theoretical physicist Lisa Randall
What makes the theory of dark matter and the dinosaurs so compelling, Randall says, is the remarkable periodicity of meteorstrikes hitting Earth.

This year's Geminid meteor shower will be a true spectacle
Australasian Science Magazine
A composite image of the Geminid Meteors. Phil Hart/Tanya Hill, Author provided The annual Geminid meteor shower is one of the highlights of every ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for December 12-18, 2015
American Meteor Society
This weekend the waxing crescent moon will set during the early evening hours and will not cause any problems to meteor observers. The estimated ...

This Weekend, The Geminid Meteor Shower Promises To Be Awesome
Popular Science
Sunday night, December 13, the Geminid meteor shower will peak. It promises to be a great show, boasting about two meteors a minute. The best ...

Researcher proposes link between dark matter and extinction of dinosaurs
Hamilton Spectator
The Chelyabinsk meteor generated an explosion equivalent to 500 kilotons of TNT. A big enough object travelling at a speed of 18 kilometres per ...

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