04 February 2015

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Meteor 03FEB2015 w/ Video

Calgary, Alberta, Canada Meteor Apprx. 1925 MST 03FEB2015 w/ Video

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Meteor spotted in Calgary Feb 3, 2015
Posted to YouTube by Roger Keeling 7 views

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
03FEB2015 Sadie BLACK DIAMOND ALBERT CANADA 1930 MT 6-10 seconds Eastern sky travelling from NE to SE White and very bright, with a tinge of yellow Brighter than moon which it passed by as it fell from a higher elevation in the N and sailed in a 40° arc down to the S Some trail appeared. Large bright ball with glowing halo radiatingaround it Startlingly bright white and yellow light, fairly round with large bright burning spot in lower quadrant. Approx 1/10th the size of the bright full moon tonight

03FEB2015 Roger Keeling Calgary, AB, Canada 19:27:00 5 seconds Heading SE Bright Green Bright as the moon (green) No parts were falling off 

03FEB2015 crispin pike calgary 19:22 MST 2 looking east. traveled steeply towards horizion, east to south fireball much brighter than venus. none observed very close to full moon but still bright

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compilation video on the Mystery Boom Phenomenon and its possible connection to and increase of Meteor Bolide explosions.