25 October 2013

NJ NY PA MD VA NC ON Morning Meteor 24OCT2013

NJ NY PA MD VA NC ON Morning Meteor approx. 07:15 AM EST 24OCT2013
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NJ NY PA MD VA NC ON Morning Meteor approx. 07:15 AM EST 24OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
24OCT2013 Greg Kuri;;a New York City, NY United States 07:28/EST 1 From North to South Bright blue streak about a second, almost the color of welding but in a bright blue cloudless sky Very bright No just a quick streak I cant believe I even noticed it... I was walking down broadway and I saw it through the canyon of buildings

24OCT2013 Jerry Creswell Orwigsburg,pa 7:20:00 5 seconds nw to se white very bright kinda of poofed at the end fairly large

24OCT2013 Ron Grosinger Edgewater,NJ,USA 7:20:00 1 south of NYC traveling down White Sun single Straight down, brighter as it descended then gone. Didn't finish the decent. I saw this on my commute into work. I was driving south on River Rd. The light was in the sky in front of me. Looked like it fell over Hoboken, NJ Although it must have been further away. Hard to tell. Did anyone else see this?

24OCT2013 cheryl reiter forest hills NY 7:20:00 seconds west to east white very no other witnesses

24OCT2013 Brian Braza newark new jersey usa 7:18 am approx less than 1 sec ( 3 tenths) facing west , appeared verticle traveling down - aprox 45 degrees from plumb , standing on wiley post rd white flash appeared like a " flare " duration less than 1 sec at least twice as bright as nav lights on aircraft 1 small spark watching airplanes take off towards the west then banking north - object fell verticle , it looked like a flare , no smoke .

24OCT2013 c. marcand endicott, ny 7:18:00 1 nearly straight down with a westward orientation. I was driving south on ny26. very bright white very bright 0 0

24OCT2013 Ian McDonald Silver Spring MD, USA 07:15 AM EST 2 seconds W-E Yellow/white, no sound Same as sun No fragmentation Arcing flight.

24OCT2013 Pia Beddiges Park Ridge, NJ 7:15:00 1/2/2013 S Fireball Moon No Moving parallel to earth

24OCT2013 Jane Doe Reston, VA 7:15:00 3-4 seconds Traveling East on Rt. 66, it traveled from left to right Large white ball Venus No NA

24OCT2013 Mary Elmira, NY USA EST 0715 2-3 sec Eastern sky light green brighter than Venus not sure none

24OCT2013 Michelle Tilley Clayton, NC 7:15 AM / EST 2 Southeast aquamarine/green-blue Like when a spark from fireworks falls longer than it should. It looked like it was falling, then disappeared no No, was driving, happened fast

24OCT2013 Susan Young Bronx, NJ 7:15ish am 2 seconds? I was driving south; traveled straight down White white, bright Yes, i believe so Burned out before hitting

24OCT2013 Amy Djigounian Elizabeth City, NC USA 0715AM - EST maybe 2 to 3 seconds I was facing North, the light came from the South over my car toward the North Pale blue/green Comparable to Venus or a small star No I was driving on a country two lane road this morning headed north. The light came from above my car into my field of sight. It seemed low, no trail, smoke, or falling pieces. Just a small dot or ball of blue green light. As fast as I saw it, it disappeared.

24OCT2013 Hayley Clark, NJ, USA 715am 3-4sec United States firey, bright light Sun no was odd seeing the brightness in the early morning blue sky - extremely bright

24OCT2013 Stephen McCrodan Oakville, ON, Canada 0713 EST 1-2 seconds before it went behind a cloud SE Bright white with a green tinge Between sun and moon Not that I could see as I was driving This was the brightest and biggest I have personally ever witnessed.

24OCT2013 Suesette White Hudson Valley, New York, USA 7:10:00 5 sec I was driving South. I noticed it to the West. Bright light very bright no I phoned 911 thinking it was a plane or helicopter crushing. I recevied a call back about 10 mins later and was told that it was also spotted by Stewart International Airport and tracked to the ground. It turned green on impact.

24OCT2013 Robert McNeill College Park, MD, USA 7:10 AM, EST Less than 2 NE - SE, facing east, left to right Electric blue, no sound moon none none

24OCT2013 Charles Wegman Haskell (Wanaque) New Jersey 7:10am EST 1-2sec SW - looked as if it came straight down BRIGHT White brighter than the moon seemed like a single streak Very fast event (fastest meteorite I have ever seen)

24OCT2013 pattie hulmes Lake Grove, ny usa 7am est 10 I was traveling west, saw it in the southern sky blue with a red finish brighter than the morning sky no not sure if it was anything, but I have never seen any thing like it

24OCT2013 Mike Tuckerton nj 7:00:00 1.5 Facing south. Meteor path was near vertical Bright blue/green no sound Between sun and moon brightness Yes but not much. White/blue in colore I was facing south but couldn't tell distance from it

24OCT2013 Angela Bloomfield, NJ USA 0700amEST 4 E-N Right to Left beautiful green end Very bright white stream No beautiful sight, and unfortunately I was driving so, no pics

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