23 October 2013

Breakiing News - CA Fireball Meteor 22OCT2013

CA Fireball Meteor approx 19:54 Pacific 22OCT2013
-- Video Captured Event!
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CA Fireball Meteor approx 1954 Pacific 22OCT2013
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CA Fireball Meteor approx 19:54 Pacific 22OCT2013
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If you witnessed a meteor event PLEASE file a meteor sighting report to help us confirm and improve our detection; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports- 
22OCT2013 david wentworth benicia, CA 20:00 PM usa pacific time less than a minute United States bright white, either very large or very close- greenish, but mainly bright white -no sound brighter than a firework one fragment noted it was big 

22OCT2013 Brian O'Hara Lafayette, California, USA 8:00 PM PDT 15 East to West White Ball with Yellow/Orange Tail Brightest object in night sky Started creating a trail, near end I saw at least one large fragment split from main rock Bearing was south, saw it from behind the trees and was able to watch it go at 60 to 75 degrees from horizon.

22OCT2013 Sharon Stockton, CA, USA 19:56/PST, PM 3 N, L-R, N Blue fireball, yellow tail sun no large 22OCT2013 Jennifer Fairfield, CA 19:55:00 2 United States Yellow, Orange, and blue no sound other then dogs barking Brighter then the moon Unsure Way cool

22OCT2013 Joey Davis San Jose, CA 19:55 PST 3-4 seconds before it disappeared behind the trees East to West bright white and orange bright as the moon it seemed so it was as bright as the moon but not nearly as big. Probably half the size of the full moon in the sky. it was definitely flaming and it seemed like there was a trail behind it. It was also very low as it flew over me.

22OCT2013 Ethan Stanford, California, USA 7:54PM Pacific 5 seconds 8:00:00 blue moon yes at the end it could have been a firework it was so bright, but i think it was a meteor

20OCT2013 I would like to report a fireball sighting. it occurred at approximately 8:40pm PST this evening, October 22nd 2013 in the sky above San Jose Ca. I was facing South East and witnessed a brilliant green/blue fireball streak across the sky from the SE sky heading NW. It was brilliant in color and remained fully light up as it arched across the sky above me. i lost sight of it as it headed West and toward the ocean. I was wondering if anyone else happened to see it. Even thought there's a bright moon tonight, I could still see a lot of stars and the fireball was very lit up and intense. You couldn't miss it if you were looking up.

October 22, 2013 at 20:00 pm or as I would say 8:00 pm. I was looking outside of my bedroom window and seen a huge green ball of light. It was almost a neon green. It was going in a sideways manner what looked to be near HWY 152 EAST. I live in Chowchilla, CA. 93610. From my view it look to be going from the right towards the left which I guess would explain why people in San Jose seen it about 48 minutes after I had, being that San Jose is East from here. I thought the time difference was odd that they seen it, but its about 2 1/2 hours to San Jose from Chowchilla so that means it only took the awesome green ball 48 minutes to reach that area from here. I know your very busy but I had to tell someone since the police department and my children did not believe me. Thank you for your time. I just noticed only Northern part of California was reporting they had seen it and I live in Central California and seen it also.
Sincerely, Cheryl B.

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Unknown said...

yes it occured. It was heading east to west. Yes it fragmented, yes it went into dark flight. Sadly I live like 10 miles from the ocean. plus its a redwood forest so even as I saw it go in dark flight it will be impossible to find any meteorites even if any stones fell.

Unknown said...

FYI I forgot to say this is Rex Scates in Boulder Creek and I can give a trajectory to within a few degrees of when fragmentation was observed and approximate angle overhead when that happened.

Micheli said...

Meteroite sighting in salton city, ca. Above in the sky towards The area of San Diego. Very bright. Brighter than any stars.