31 August 2011

Big Bright Green Meteor Fireball - NE Central Texas Meteor 31AUG2011

Big Bright Green Meteor Fireball over NE/C Texas - 3:51:45 CST 31AUG2011
Texas Meteor 31AUG2011
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Big Meteor Fireball over NE/C Texas - 4:51:45 31AUG2011
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Texas Meteor as Seen from Hawley, Texas
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Bastrop , Texas Green Meteor (Looking NW to SE) August 31, 2011 Approximately 03:20 CST
Saw what appeared to be an extremely bright green meteor traveling almost straight down. It has a very long and wide green tail with what appeared to be many pieces breaking off behind it and turning white. It was visible for approximately 5 seconds.
I’m almost always out running that time of day and so I see tons of meteors, but this is the first time one was so bright and unusual that it actually startled me.
Thanks, Liam Douglass, Bastrop, TX  Thank you Liam!

Fort Worth, TX Green Meteor Sighting
Saw the same bright green meteor in North Central Texas (Fort Worth) at about 03:30 this morning (Aug 31, 2011). The bright flash illuminated the clouds and I at first thought it to be lightning until I caught a brief glimpse of the fireball (between clouds) heading almost straight down. I was looking to the northeast at the time of the sighting.
Cheers, Larry McNeely, Fort Worth, TX  Thank you Larry!

Eddy, Texas Meteor ~3:45AM 31AUG2011
Eddy, Texas. At around 3:45AM I saw the bright green fireball traveling from the 10:00 position south to the north burning out around the the 2:00 position. So bright, it was like morning daylight for about 5 seconds. -John Light  Thank you John!

Marietta, Texas Meteor ~3:30am
I was on my was to deliver newspapers to Marietta, Texas around 3:30am when I saw the night light up bright as day in the northern sky. This lasted only a second. That evening I told my mother-in-law what I had witnessed and she said that there had been reports of a meteor on the morning newscast. I didn't see the meteor, but I will never forget the sky changing from night to a blue sky and back again in less than a second.
Mike Newton; Simms, Texas  Thank you Mike!

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