15 July 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News - Meteor Burst / Scatter Communications 15JUL11

imo-news : Message: Meteor Activity Outlook for July 9-15, 2011
in watching meteor activity. Evening rates are reduced slightly this week due to moonlight. ... thatmeteor activity is rarely seen at the radiant position. ...

Meteor Burst / Scatter Communications :: Radio-Electronics.Com
Notes and essential detials / tutorial Meteor Burst or Meteor Scatter Communications.

Meteor Burst / Scatter Communications :: Radio-
meteor trail will appear at some point that enables the transmitted probe signal to be reflected back so that it is received by ...

Meteorites - Scientific Journal

a new scientific journal: "Meteorites".  We are the first open–access journal focusing exclusively on meteoritics. Professor Przylibski from the Wroclaw University of Technology is the head editor.
This is our website :
On the web-page you will find all information about the journal, how to download articles (for free), and how to submit publications....

Last known dinosaur: Fossil find suggests meteor caused extinction
Christian Science Monitor
The leading culprit for the end of the Age of Dinosaurs is a catastrophic meteor strike about 65 million years ago. Although it is now widely accepted that a cosmic impact took place about then — a time known as the Cretaceous-Tertiary, or KT boundary ...