06 March 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06MAR2017

Heat transfer of falling meteor to earth
Space Exploration Stack Exchange
How is heat transferred from a meteor to Earth when it hits our planet from space? The path of the meteor hits the upper atmosphere, then lands in the ...

Meteor filmed on March 4, 2017
Meteor captured on allsky camera 04 03 17 at 05:52 UTC.

Meteor showers and celestial events to look out for in Coventry this year
Coventry Telegraph
This is one of two meteor showers created by debris from Comet Halley. It is an above average shower that favours the Southern Hemisphere, here ...

Asteroid Flew By So Close To Earth It Was Inside Satellite Ring
Tech Times
In January, NASA revealed that an asteroid about the same size as the Chelyabinsk meteor that struck Russia in 2013 flew by Earth at a distance ...

AstroBob: A new take on why we hear meteors
The Lake Country Echo
A brilliant fireball breaks up in the atmosphere. Visible light and radio waves given off by a bright meteor may be translated by common materials into ...

Reports Report 854b (Event 854-2017)
American Meteor Society
Location. Address, Seaford, NY. Latitude, 40° 41' 21.65'' N (40.689348°). Longitude, 73° 29' 42.54'' W (-73.495149°). Elevation, 14.571m. Time and ...

31 Reports
Fireball event
ID, UT Date & Time, Local Date & Time, City, State, Dur. Magn. D. Sound, C. Sound, Frag. Observer, Exp. a, 2017-03-04 06:15 UT, 2017-03-03 22:15 ...

Reports Report 853a (Event 853-2017)
American Meteor Society
Location. Address, Lake Alfred, FL. Latitude, 28° 9' 21.31'' N (28.15592°). Longitude, 81° 43' 59.75'' W (-81.733263°). Elevation, 40.048m. Time and ...

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