16 March 2017

Gilgit-Baltistan / Pakistan Bolide Meteor 15MAR2017 w/video

Gilgit-Baltistan / Pakistan Bolide Meteor 21:01 Local Time 15MAR2017 w/video
“Meteor” crossing over parts of Gilgit-Baltistan spreads fear and panic- 
Meteorites likely on the ground!  Sonics were reported on Pakistan Defence.
MeteorRATs (MeteoriteRapidActionTeams) Alert! Scramble.
Updates coming...

initial flash of bolide lighting the sky
Source- ARY TV screen capture

fragmentation of the meteoroid with fragments trailing
Source- ARY TV screen capture

Meteor Seen in city of Gilgit Baltistan, Northern Pakistan
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Meteor falls in Gilgit-Baltistan
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Huge meteor has been seen over Ghizer an Gilgit district GB
Pakistan Defence
A huge Meteor has crossed over Gilgit District and Ghizer district flying very low and Illuminating all villages and towns on way. It was huge and it... 
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A huge Meteor has crossed over Gilgit District and Ghizer district flying very low and Illuminating all villages and towns on way. It was huge and it crossed sound barrier multiple times resulting in big explosions heard in all villages from Gilgit to Shandur top. Till now no report of contact from anywhere reported
This meteor has hit Garmish nala`in thui yasin

meteor hit gilgit baltistan today 15/03/2017 |meteorite flying low over Ghizer valley
posted on YouTube --Not a very useful video except for the text below the video in the description.
Published on Mar 15, 2017
  Gilgit/Ghizer/Islamabad: A speeding ’huge’ meteor flying low over the Gilgit and Ghizer Districts of Gilgit-Baltistan has spread fears among the locals.
  At around 9 PM locals in the Gilgit, Ghizer and neighboring Diamer district heard a huge blast and flash of lights in the sky. The sound of the blast created fear among the residents of hundreds of villages and towns who came out to know what had happened. Many hundreds posted updates on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  Security in the region has been beefed up due to terror threats, and the on-going census. The blast caused by the meteorite was perceived by many as a sign of terrorist attack. Worried people started speculating about the nature of the blast and the flashes.
  “I saw a huge sound a very fast moving light crossing the sky”, said Rana Mehtab Alam, while commenting on Pamir Times’ Facebook page, where the readers have been asked to share their experiences.
  “I also saw the bright light spread allover the sky for a duration of 15 secs I think,but didn’t hear any sound”, Ilyas Bari, a resident of Hunza has said.
   “During a bike ride I saw red & yellowish stars or something else moving fastly in the sky then disappeared. This was much nearer to the earth which lightened the all city”, said Arbab Musaweer Alam Khan, while commenting on our Facebook page.
  People from Haripur and Islamabad and Haripur have also reported seeing a bright object flying fast across the sky towards north.
  The Information Department of Gilgit-Batlistan has said that the explosion and flashes were caused by a huge meteor crossing the sky over the Ghizer and Gilgit District.
Source :Pamir Times

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