02 March 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 02MAR2017

Dashcam captures a huge meteor in Texas that was spotted over 700 miles away and created a ...
Daily Mail
A stunning meteor large enough to create a rare sonic boom streaked over the skies of Texas on Sunday, with a lucky police officer capturing footage ...

Meteor exploding near Texas Panhandle causes confusion
On Sunday night the American Meteor Society received a number of calls from four states in the HPPR listening area—Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, ...

VIDEO: Meteor So Bright You 'Could See Each Other … Like Daytime.'
Off The Grid News
WEATHERFORD, Texas — Residents of Texas and three other states Sunday night experienced a rare sonic boom and then a flash from a meteor ...

Meteor rattles West Texas with sonic boom
Freedom 93.3
Meteor rattles West Texas with sonic boom. ... Meteor rattles West Texas with sonic boom. Matt Bovarnick | March 1, 2017 |. Fox news · Tweet · Share 0 ...

Meteor Rattles Texas with Sonic Boom
It turned out to be the fireball. According to the Houston Chronicle, the booming meteorrattled houses with a rare sonic boom while it made it's journey ...

Meteor burns through Texas sky, causes sonic boom. A meteor shot through the Texas sky over the weekend, rattling houses with a rare sonic boom.

Bizarre 'Fireball' UFO Was Just An Airplane... Probably
Huffington Post
What looks like some kind of strange fireball almost hanging in the sky is ... But experts believe it's not a fireball, and not, as some on social media ...

Texas skies rattled by fireball
A meteor dancing across Texas skies was accompanied by a boom so loud that it shook houses, prompting residents fearing that an explosion had ...

Tour huge Alabama meteor crater this weekend in Wetumpka
Parts of the town of Wetumpka, Ala., sit within a 4.7-mile in diameter meteor crater. It was created approximately 83 million years ago when a meteor ...

UFO Sightning In Tasmania Was Likely A Plane
E Canada Now
Meanwhile David Finlay of Australian Meteor Reports said he did not receive any reportsmeteor activity around Tasmania . He also mentioned, the ...

Mysterious 'fireball' shoots across Australia sky
Fox News Video
01, 2017 - 0:51 - Video captures a mysterious object, which appears to be a 'fireball' of some sort, falling from the sky over Tasmania, Australia.

Nine major meteor showers to grace Nigerian skies in 2017
Nigeria Daily News
Be the ZHR as it may, meteor shower ratings can be very helpful guides, especially if you are planning a community, classroom or club outing. Another ...

Long fireball meteor spotted northwest of Hawley, TX
Long fireball meteor spotted northwest of Hawley, TX. Long fireball meteor spotted northwest of Hawley, Texas. Read more at dailymail.co.uk.

Dashcam captures a huge meteor in Texas that created a rare sonic boom
Crisis Forums
A giant meteor streaked over West Texas on Sunday nightCop car captured the stunning event on dashcam videoSightings reported as far away as ...

American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Darren R. Experience Level, 1/5. Remarks, I have a video, although it doee not really do the event justice. Location. Address ...

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