05 March 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 05MAR2017

Mysterious fireball spotted in Tasmanian skies trigger conspiracy theories on Facebook
International Business Times, India Edition
A strange fireball was observed in the skies of Tasmania on February 28. It was one-of-a-kind, which activated the conspiracy theorists who soon ...

Earth at Higher Risk of Asteroid Impact, Russian Meteor Explosion Reveals
The risk of asteroid impacts like the meteor explosion that devastated a Russian city earlier this year may be 10 times greater than previously thought, ...

Mysterious meteor hissing sound solved
Unexplained Mysteries
Described as a hissing, popping or sizzling sound, this peculiar noise can sometimes be heard when a particularly bright meteor or fireball lights up ...

American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Berehulka A. Experience Level, 2/5. Remarks, I was indoors and happen to look up, very bright low and slow moving. Have observed ...

American Meteor Society
Fireball was green with orange tail. It became visible at approximately the height of a flare gun signal or firework. It fell straight to the ground and to me ...

American Meteor Society
Remarks, Didn't notice fireball until it burst with flash of very bright light with several fragments shooting downward at 45 degree angle towards SE ...

American Meteor Society
Location. Address, Huntsville, TX. Latitude, 30° 42' 45.31'' N (30.712586°). Longitude, 95° 41' 44.21'' W (-95.695614°). Elevation, 98.804m. Time and ...

23 Reports
Fireball event
AMS received 23 reports about a fireball seen over CA, NV and AZ on Saturday, March 4th 2017 around 05:52 UT.

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