29 December 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29DEC2016

Look for a comet in the sky on New Year's Eve
Big Country Homepage
CORFE CASTLE, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 12: A Perseid Meteor flashes across the night sky above Corfe Castle on August 12, 2016 in Corfe ...

Murchison meteorite continues to dazzle scientists
NASA astrobiologist Daniel Glavin said several components of DNA and RNA present in all life on earth have been detected in the meteorite which bolsters the theory that asteroids and comets may have seeded the early earth with the raw ingredients for life....

Guests from space: 6 large meteorites that fell in Russia's Far East
December 29, 2016 DV.LAND
Meteorites have been landing in Russia's Far East for millennia. From a couple pounds to 100 tons, these astronomical bodies have left their mark on the landscape, and even postage stamps. ...

Catch the Quadrantid Meteors (If You Can)
Sky & Telescope
The Quadrantids, which peak on the morning of January 3rd, is one of the year's best meteor showers. But this shower isn't spread out over several ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for December 31, 2016 – January 6, 2017
American Meteor Society
Each shot has been de-rotated / re-positioned to account for Earth's rotation and to align the meteor to the star field that it crossed at the time of the ...

[IMO-News] Video Observation Results - August 2016
The August 2016 report from the IMO Video Meteor Network is available.

8 reasons why space is worth getting excited about in 2017
Kick off the New Year with a meteor shower on the night of 3/4 January thanks to the debris tail from asteroid 2003 EH1. Earth will plunge through dust ...

Venus, Vesta and meteors star in January's night sky
Oak Bay News (registration)
What's up for January 2017? Meteors from a demoted constellation, Venus high in the sky over Port Angeles, and the best of Vesta. Most meteor ...

Bright fireball disintegrates over Guatemala
The Watchers
Although most agree the event was a meteor disintegrating, some say the slow nature of event indicates a possible space debris. It was observed for ...Likely Space Trash NOT a meteor.- LM*H

Bright fireball disintegrates over Guatemala on December 28, 2016
Asteroid Day
This video was captured by an amateur on December 28, 2016 of a fireball over Guatemala which disintegrated.... Likely Space Trash NOT a meteor.- LM*H

Central American sky lit up by spectacular meteor burst
Three central American countries got the best fireworks display of 2016, and all for free, when a giant meteor burned up in the Earth's atmosphere in ...Likely Space Trash NOT a meteor.- LM*H

Meteorite in Guatemala / Meteorito En Guatemala 27/12/16...
Meteorite in Guatemala / Meteorito En Guatemala 27/12/16... Likely Space Trash NOT a meteor.- LM*H

American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Jasmin S. Experience Level, 1/5. Remarks, I'm not sure if my information went in correctly. I was driving toward Alton bible church, ...

2016 The THIRD Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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