20 December 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 20DEC2016

Look to the stars: Vietnam to open first space observatory in Nha Trang
VnExpress International
... draw tourists at special times such as eclipses or meteor showers. The National Satellite Center, which is in charge of the observatory's construction, ...

Mars Rock-Ingredient Stew Seen as Plus for Habitability
Jet Propulsion Laboratory December 13, 2016
Fast Facts:
* NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is finding patterns of change in rock composition
at higher, younger layers of a mountain.
* Ancient Mars sedimentary basins with groundwater were chemically active,
a factor favorable for possible life.
* Curiosity found boron on Mars, a first for this very soluble element. ...

Meteor 20160602
Scottsdale Meteor 20160602 · 0:34 ... Phoenix Arizona Meteor Dashcam · 0:31 ... Arizona meteor: First video of intense flash over US night skies · 0:25.

Alpha Hydrids Meteor Showers
Universe Guide
The Alpha Hydrids meteor shower takes place within the boundaries of the constellation of Hydrus. The meteor showers occurs between 15-30 Jan ...

Where is the Ice on Ceres? New NASA Dawn Findings
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
December 15, 2061
At first glance, Ceres, the largest body in the main asteroid belt, may not look icy. Images from NASA's Dawn spacecraft have revealed a dark, heavily cratered world whose brightest area is made of highly reflective salts -- not ice. But newly published studies from Dawn scientists show two distinct lines of evidence for ice at or near the surface of the dwarf planet. Researchers are presenting these findings at the 2016 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. ...

Geminids meteor shower 14.12.2016
Stargazers Lounge
I want to share with You my observations/signal reception form Geminids meteor shower recorded on 14.12.2016. I was waiting for the peak till ...

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