15 January 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15JAN2016

Finders not keepers as meteor hunters strike a mother lode
The Australian (blog)
Researchers from Perth's Curtin University will be forced to hand over to the South Australian Museum a 1.7kg meteorite retrieved from a remote bed ...

Asteroid defence team do protect Earth from impact set up by NASA
Market Business News
Chelyabinsk meteor, a superbolide caused by a near-Earth asteroid, entered Earth's atmosphere over Russia on 15th February, 2013.

NASA's Stardust Sample Return was 10 Years Ago Today
Jet Propulsion Laboratory- January 15, 2016
It was less than an hour into the new day of January 15, 2006 (EST), when tens of thousands of miles above our planet, two cable cutters and two retention bolts fired, releasing a spring which pushed a 101-pound (46-kilogram) sample return capsule away from its mother ship. Later, during its final plunge ...

Mysterious Fireball Soars Through Night Sky
These people were in shock and awe when they saw a fireball soar across the night sky. Some of them assumed it was a shooting star, but it was just ...

Yearly Meteor Showers
Milwaukee Astronomical Society
Instrumentation: The great news about a meteor shower is that it requires nothing more than just your eyes. Meteors appear so suddenly and move so ...

Guns made of meteorite: Price tag $1 million
Fox News
Parts of the 4.5 billion-year-old Gibeon meteorite that landed in sub-Saharan Africa in prehistoric times have been transformed into guns and pistol ...

Gun maker fashions pistols out of meteor
You'll need a wallet as heavy as the space rock to buy the new “Big Bang” pistol from Cabot guns. The price tag is expected to crease $500,000 to ...

Geophysics at the Meteor Crater
Odessa American
The students were at the meteor crater for three days taking measurements on their first trip of a multi-step graduate studies project to determine more ...

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