08 December 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08DEC2015

Taiwan Geminids Live Broadcast 13-14 December 2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Posted: 08 Dec 2015 01:32 AM PST
Taiwan Geminids Live Broadcast 13-14 December 2015 Click on Image to Enlarge点击图片放大 Click on Image to Enlarge 点击图片放大 Taiwan Geminids Live Broadcast 2015 Evemt Broadcast and Participant Locations 雙子座台現場直播2015年Evemt 廣播和參與者位置 雙子座流星雨是年度三大流星雨之一,每年年底報到,期間從12月6日至16日都是流星雨的期間,今年的雙子座流星雨極大期預測落在12月13日至14日,正逢朔,沒有月光影響,觀測條件良好。你是不是很久沒有與情人,摯友,家人一同數流星許願了呢?忠實的雙子座流星雨,穩定而持續,每小時預計約有 100 顆流星。 雖然如此,重要的天象觀測,...

Fireballs in Nova Scotia skies were Atlas V rocket breaking up on reentry
"You'd never see fireballs travelling sort of parallel to each other, even during a meteor shower," Boschat explains. The Cygnus spacecraft was ...

Bright meteor over Spain - A meteorite said to have fallen in the Mediterranean Sea
Signs of the Times
Fireball recorded on 5 Dec. 2015 at 21:43 UT in the framework of the SMART Project (www.meteoroides.net). The bolide penetrated the atmosphere ...

Meteor fireball filmed over Santa Fe, New Mexico
Signs of the Times
The meteor comes from the east at about 25 second mark. I was driving southbound at https://goo.gl/maps/zqjSYkayet32 . The fireball was brilliant ...

WATCH: Meteor lights up sky above Edmonton
Edmonton – Were you lucky enough to see a meteor streaking across the Edmonton sky on Monday evening? If not, the Global Edmonton SkyTracker ...

Five Fun Facts for the 2015 Geminid Meteor Shower
NASA Blogs
The Geminid meteor shower can be seen from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Because they are pieces of an asteroid, Geminid ...

NOVA: Meteor Strike, Wednesday at 9 pm on KUAC TV
NOVA: Meteor Strike “Nova” crews and impact scientists head to Siberia to search for debris from the Feb. 15, 2013, meteor strike in order to ascertain ...

#SkyWatch: Geminid Meteor Shower over Sinai's St. Catherine's
Attention to all Egyptian and foreign travelers in Sinai: The skies are putting on a show with its Geminid Meteor Shower, the very last show of the year.

Meteor caught on dashcam - Scotland
Parked outside waiting for someone I noticed a large bright object travelling towards the ground at speed, it appears blue-ish in colour and is trailing ...

Get ready for the Geminid meteor shower!
Astronomy Now Online
The Geminid meteor shower is active from 8—17 December, reaching a peak on Monday, 14 December when the 3-day-old Moon conveniently sets ...

American Meteor Society
Meteor Activity Outlook for December 5-11, 2015. by Robert Lunsford - Dec 7 ... MeteorActivity Outlook for November 28-December 4, 2015. by Robert ...

Meteor scatter reception with RTL-SDR and Gqrx
Gqrx SDR
Meteor scatter, or meteor burst communications, is a challenging field within amateur radio communication, where the operators use the ionized trails ...

How to watch the Geminid meteor shower, the year's best sky show
The Geminids are the year's best meteor shower, with about 120 meteors per hour on its peak night, which will be the night of December 13 to 14 this ...

Alien-Hunting SETI Telescopes Boogie in Spectacular 'Dishdance' Video
"The huge meteorite streaking across the sky above Very Large Array (2:40) is from the Aquarids meteor shower." The Skyglow project by Heffernan .

Top Surveillance Videos of the Week: MeteorSighting Caught on Security Camera
Campus Safety Magazine
Top Surveillance Videos of the Week: Meteor Sighting Caught on Security Camera. Each week Campus Safety likes to offer some lighter reading for ...

Fireball meteor caught live on WPRI-TV morning show
As the meteor fell through the sky, it burned up due to friction with the Earth's atmosphere.

Meteor fireball filmed on morning weather show over Providence, Rhode Island
Signs of the Times
The fireball was very bright because I saw it within that bright blue sky. If the sky was dark, thousands of people would have likely seen it.

Meteorite falls to earth in Creston in October
Paso Robles Daily News
The American Meteor Society received over 300 reports of two fireballs over the far western USA on Friday, Oct. 23. Observers from as far as Tucson, ...

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