06 December 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06DEC2015

Meteor caught on camera as it blazes through the night sky over Cheltenham
Gloucestershire Echo
They were caught on camera by Allan Carter who posted the images on twitter this morning. Caught this bright #meteor breaking through the clouds ...

Geminid Meteor Shower to Set up Breathtaking Show This Week
West Texas News
The annual Geminid meteor shower is ready to set a stunning show this week. As per experts, the meteor shower offering seasonal celestial firework ...

Comet Catalina and Geminid meteor shower – December sky full of things to see
Market Business News
Apart from comet Catalina and the annual Geminid Meteor shower, there is a lot to see in the sky over the next week. In fact, the December sky if full of ...

“Mataró fireball” passed over Maresme at 54000 km/h
Catalonia Today
A rock from space entered the Earth's atmosphere last Saturday, creating a spectacularfireball that could be seen in many places on the Iberian ...

Geminid meteor shower viewing and talk
Lake Tahoe News
Tahoe Institute for Natural Science and the Tahoe Rim Trail Association are making an excursion to Tahoe Meadows to see the Geminid meteor ...

How to view the Geminid meteor shower
Leicester Mercury
The Geminid meteor shower has begun and will continue to be visible on clear nights from now until December 17. The best time to see them is at ...

Stars Above: Gem of meteor shower coming our way
Montreal Gazette
The annual Geminid meter shower makes an appearance in the late nights of mid-December with its shooting stars appearing to radiate out from its ...

Stunning Geminid meteor shower to light up sky above Greater Manchester in December
Manchester Evening News
The stunning Geminid meteor shower will streak across the night sky over the next 12 days. The meteor shower, which is one of the most spectacular ...

Annual Geminid Meteor Shower to Rock December Sky
Northern Californian
It's the time for the annual Geminid meteor shower, which is great news for skywatchers, as the celestial event will offers a seasonal celestial show is ...

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